Designated PM Liviu Negoita plans to set up the government on Croitoru's list, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian authorities decided to purchase the A/H1N1 vaccine for children from GlaxoSmithKline. Last but not least, President Basescu cannot dissolve the Parliament, according to one paper.

Gandul reads that the designated PM Liviu Negoita, had a new round of negotiations. However, the only Parliamentary groups to attend negotiations were the representatives of minorities and the independents. While the first are ready to sustain a Democrat Liberal executive, the second group was offered a position in the new government.

Independent deputies lead by Oprea promised Negoita that they will do everything in their power to convince other Liberals or Social Democrats to stand by the new executive.

Cotidianul reads about the decision of Romanian leaders to purchase 500,000 vaccines from the international market to immunize children aged 6 to 6 years. On Friday, authorities announced that they vaccines will be bought from GlaxoSmithKline. Overall, the vaccines will cost about 2.7 million euro.

Sources from the ministry declared that the contract was not signed yet. Other sources declared that the vaccines could reach Romania in about a month.

Elsewhere in the news, President Basescu cannot dissolve the Parliament, according to Cotidianul. The intention of the President to dissolve the Parliament if the Legislative rejects his two proposals is criticized by lawyers, politicians and constitutional experts.

According to the majority of opinions expressed for the newspaper, the future President will not be able to dissolve the Parliament in case of political crisis. Each mandate gives birth to new obligations. Hungarian Democrat Gyorgy Frunda declared that a new Presidential mandate does not mean an inheritance of the latest political crisis but can rise new ones.

The new President should consult with the Parliament and propose a new candidate for the PM function. The future President will find a stable legislative and an interim government and negotiations will start.