None of the two main political parties do not wish to reveal the amount spent on the campaign but focus on counting how much the opponents spent, one newspaper reads. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian boxer Lucian Bute won the match against Librado Andrade and gets to keep his world champion belt. Meanwhile, the third death caused by the new virus was registered in Romania. Romanian Cristian Sandru was repatriated by British authorities after a European arrest warrant was issued on his name for stealing 10 hens back in 2004.

Gandul reveals the spending behind the electoral campaigns at somewhere between 70 to 170 million euro. None of the two parties with to reveal their spending, but they are counting every flyer of the opposition.

The Social Democrats announced that the Democrat Liberals spent somewhere between 170 to 175 million euro. At their turn, Democrat Liberals declared that Social Democrats spent just as much.

A more real estimate comes from the non-governmental organizations: Pro Democratia representatives declared that after evaluating 14 cities, and just the main roads in Bucharest, the campaign amounts to 500,000 euro. At the national level, spending rests somewhere at 70 million euro. However, nobody says where the money comes from.

Cotidianul reads about Romanian world champion Lucian Bute who won the match against Mexican Librado Andrade by KO and thus gets to keep his belt. This is the fourth time the champion secured his world championship belt.

The game, organized at Quebec with 16,000 people, was the second between Bute and the Mexican after the 2008 match when Bute won again. Gandul reads that experts said that Bute is the most valuable boxer for his category at the moment.

Gandul reads about the third death caused by A/H1N1 in Romania. Authorities refused to give out any more details about the victim: news television Pro TV informed that the person was suffering of diabetes, without knowing it.

Authorities declared that his diabetes might have lead to the severe reaction to the virus which caused his/her death. In the last 24 hours, there were 137 new cases registered. The toll amounts to 3112 cases with most cases in Bucharest, North and West Romania.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romanian Cristian Sandru, aged 28, who was expelled by British authorities after a European arrest warrant, was issued on his name for stealing 10 hens in 2004.

Sandru was retained on December 2008 by the local police in London and went into house arrest: he was compelled to sleep and live in his home address and present at the police headquarters everyday.

For respecting all requirements, he got a better treatment. However, he was denounced by his step father and repatriated.