Most newspapers read about the critics of the international press towards the new Romanian Tourism minister, Elena Udrea. Romania still has a chance to become a fashionable destination, one paper reads. Elsewhere in the news, find out if you might be working in a sector with high risks of lay offs.

Cotidianul quotes the Sunday Times who criticizes Romania's new Tourism and Regional Development minister, Elena Udrea for her big portfolio, referring to her previous pictures in bikini.

The paper reads that the 4 billion euro EU budget for Romania was given on the hands of a minister who poses in underwear for glossy magazines. The 36 year old Parliamentarian, Udrea is married with a controversial businessman.

The Sunday Times reads that Udrea is under the graces of Traian Basescu, and one of his protegees.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romania's chance to take advantage of its myths and records to attract more tourists and become a fashionable destination. The newspaper reads that internal favorite destinations remain the seaside resorts and the mountain resorts on Valea Prahovei, Brasov - Poiana Brasov.

External favorite destinations this year ere Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Tunis and Egypt.

Gandul reads that most sectors will register high decreases in production. A National Statistics Institute report reads that by February, Romanian business owners expect high decreases production and activity.

By far, the most affected sector will be the constructions one: production will drop fast, just like its stock of contracts and orders. All these will translate into massive lay offs. In the industrial sector, things are a bit better than the constructions sector. The survey reads that lay offs will continue nonetheless, especially in the case of companies with less than 500 employees.

Supermarket owners are planning to lay off some of their employees as well but the decrease will be moderated. Over, 2,600 directors declared for the survey that they are expecting a decrease in the economic activity as well in sales.

The service sector announces to be just as tough. Interviewed managers plan to lay off personnel in very big companies. The good news is that prices are undergoing a time of relative stability.