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What the newspapers say: January 4, 2010

de A.C.
Luni, 4 ianuarie 2010, 7:13 English | Press Review

Romanian Secret Services does not seem to be affected by the economic crisis, as their 2010 budget remains the same or even higher. Authorities announce that by 2015 55 km of highway will be usable linking Brasov of Comarnic, nearby Ploiesti. Elsewhere in the news, Dacia ranks three in top best cars. Last but not least, the new year settles in with heavy rain and low temperatures.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Romania's Secret Services received the same funds, or even higher than last year, irrespective of the crisis. Romania's Special Telecommunications Service received 40% more funds than last year while Romania's Foreign Intelligence with 1.52% more funds.

Romania's Intelligence Service - SRI - has about 1.2 billion lei, followed by the Telecommunications Service with 466.5 million lei and Foreign Intelligence with 214.3 million lei. Most of the funds are with the personnel.

Financial analyst Bogdan Baltazar declared for the newspaper that, in a normal situation, all public institutions should have felt the economic crisis. Others said that the PM himself should explain why some institutions have higher budgets than others.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul quotes Transports minister saying that by 2015, some 55 km of highway will be available linking Brasov to Comarnic, nearby Ploiesti. Infrastructure director at Transports ministry, Adrian Ionescu said that the ministry will hopefully sign the contract by the end of the month and works will start in 2011 with a deadline of 4 years.

However, authorities were planning this since 2005: in 2004, Social Democrat Transports minister Miron Mitrea signed several contracts with various companies for a highway linking Brasov to Ploiesti. However, there was no tender organized, which raised a lot of suspicion.

For this reason, the Democrat Liberal minister, Gheorghe Dobre cancelled those contracts and procedures were started when Berceanu became minister, who organized a tender. The winner, a French - Greek company, Vinci - Aktor, was announced in 2009.

In the car industry, Dacia was ranked thrird in a best car top, Cotidianul reads. The low cost mark of Renault classed for the first time in the top three among French car owners according to a local survey by UFC Que Choisir, published in January.

The first two choices, Toyota Daihatsu with 96% and Lexus with 94.13%. Dacia was ranked third with 92.61%. In France Dacia break Logan MCV is the most popular and second in the family cars sector, after Honda Accord.

Last but not least, the new year settles in with heavy snow, low temperatures and floods, Cotidianul reads. Authorities issued yellow warning codes for heavy snow and orange code for floods for several regions across the country.

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