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What the newspapers say: January 5, 2010

de C.B.
Marţi, 5 ianuarie 2010, 3:04 English | Press Review

The Liberals will vote against the 2010 state budget project. Elsewhere in the news, the Romanian Health sector's budget is impoverished by debts. Last but not least, Residential parking in Bucharest is now three times more expensive than in 2009.

The Romanian National Liberal Party (PNL) will vote against the 2010 state budget project, Cotidianul informs. After a PNL meeting, liberal Ludovic Orban announced that his party will oppose the "sacrifice" budget proposed by PD-L. Liberals blame, according to Orban, the fact that the proposed budget "is the worst in the last 20 years" and "does not have the capacity to respond to the needs of the Romanians".

Orban claims the budget is based on the perpetuation of the crisis and on making thousands of people redundant. The liberal announced that PNL is going to lay out all the background amendments based on the liberal governing programme, like the cancellation of the fix tax and relating the pension to 45% of the average income.

The Health sector's budget is narrowed by debts, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Around 20% of the money secured by the insured citizens will be used to pay up last year's debts. The Romanian patient will bring drugs from home in 2010 as well, the newspaper goes on. Doctors will see their salaries drop. 

The Health Insurance House's Unique Fund will get 15.3 billion lei, according to estimates. Almost 3 billions will be used for 2009 dues. The institution's manager Adina Geana said she requested 21 billion lei, but it was established that the House could not collect more than 15.3 billions. 

The Health Ministry will get 4 more billions from the state budget. Low funds are likely to modify the deadline for the payment of drugs. President of the Romanian National House for Health Insurance (CNAS) Lucian Duta told Romanian press agency Mediafax that it is not long deadlines that messes up the system, but the regularity of the payments.

The budget for drugs will be 10% less in comparison with 2009. "We are too poor to afford unjustified prescription. Drug consumption increased by 25%, but the general health of the population did not improve", Duta added, noting that he intends to end the "unjustified prescriptions". CNAS officials believe that more flexible deadlines are crucial to survive in the new year. Medicine distributors are not thrilled at all by CNAS' intentions, after having to put up with big debts in 2009.

The benefits doctors used to enjoy for difficult working conditions (i.e. tuberculosis, neuropsychic patients) will drop 40%, while the money for medical equipment and tools will be 4.52% shorter. Duta believes that the problems in the Romanian Health system could be solved by a decentralisation.

Residential parking in Bucharest has tripled its fee, Gandul reads. The local councils blame general mayor Sorin Oprescu, while Bucharest's main Council says the fee has been put up because of the pressures coming from local councils. The fact is that people in Bucharest will have to pay three times their ordinary fee to park their car in front of their homes.

The price is different, according to the region of the residence. In zone A, a car owner needs to pay 164.25 lei per year, against the former 76.65 lei fee. In zone B, the tax is 146 lei, in contrast with 58.40, the price up to January 1, 2010. In zone C, People can forget about the 47.45 lei per year: they now have to produce 109.5 lei. And at the outskirts, namely zone D, the tax increased from 36.5 lei to 109.5 lei per year.  

Bucharest's main Council officials claim that if the tow companies would contribute with 1% to the budget, the increase in the parking fee could have been avoided. Local councils say cars are towed away to make traffic easier and the matter is not related to parking.

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