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What the newspapers say: January 12, 2010

de A.C.
Marţi, 12 ianuarie 2010, 7:29 English | Press Review

Hungarian Democrats are getting their pay for supporting Democrat Liberals in forming a majority in the Parliament, find out how much they get. Elsewhere in the news, PM Emil Boc declared in the Parliament that Romania will not register an economic growth in the first two quarters of 2010. Last but not least, Romania's National Integrity Agency pays 3 million euro to archive wealth declarations.

Gandul reads that Hungarian Democrats are awarded with 3 billions per Parliamentary, if they pass the 2010 budget in the Parliament. Hungarian Democrats are getting the benefits of being part of the governing coalition: starting yesterday morning, PM Emil Boc called Democrat Liberal local leaders together with their Hungarian Democrat counterparts to decide who gets what.

Hungarian Democrats negotiated their support for Democrat Liberals and now, they are about to get from state secretary positions to prefects and chiefs in decentralized services where most money will come in from the EU.

In the same time, some Democrat Liberals are not so keen in sharing the rewards: Social Democrat leader in Harghita, Vasile Mihalcea declared that Romanians make up only 14% there, and offering Hungarians the leadership in the county is impossible.

Hungarian Democrat president in Covasna, Tamas Sando declared that Hungarians represent 77% in the region and thus they need to be represented in local city halls, according to their ethnic majority.

According to sources, Hungarian Democrats received two prefect positions in Harghita ad Covasta. In Mures, Hungarian Democrats will get 40% worth of jobs in decentralized units.

Cotidianul reads about PM Boc's declaration in the Parliament, suggesting that Romania will not register an economic growth in the first two quarters of the year. On the other hand, Basescu, when he ran for President a month ago, declared that Romania will register a growth in the second quarter of the year.

The 2010 estimated deficit will be 5.9%, Boc said. He added that he reoriented most budgetary resources towards investments and state's obligations to pay. Taxes will not increase this year. The VAT will not change.

Reinvested profit will not be taxed and 6.5% of the GDP will be allocated to investments. Unemployment will not be higher than in 2009 and inflations will be 3.7%.

Romania libera marks as suspicious the tender which assigns the National Integrity Agency's archives to a private company for 3 million euro per year. The contract was won in October 2009 by a company which, initially, did not respect all tender conditions. A part of the requirements were declared secret.

The agency will thus pay each year 3.3 million euro for four years to electronically archive all wealth declarations from the public sector in Romania. All declarations will be scanned, then archived and posted on an internet site where everybody will have access to.

However, the newspaper reads that the public tender raised some important questions: the winning company, Star Storage lost the first tender on the contract because it did not meet all requirements. However, in a year, a second tender was organized and Star Storage won as it was the only company to apply and even though its offer was more expensive than the first.

The Agency allocated only 1.9 million euro for such services initially.

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