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What the newspapers say: January 14, 2010

de A.C.
Joi, 14 ianuarie 2010, 7:51 English | Press Review

Most newspapers today read about the two new stars to join the Finance ministry: TV man Andrei Gheorghe as Head of Communications department and singer Dan Bittman to hear the needs of the people. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's black market is worth at least 30 billion euro, almost a quarter of the GDP but authorities lack strong policies to reveal them. Last but not least, Japan will finance the construction of a new subway to link downtown Bucharest to the international airport.

Gandul reads about Vladescu's new band: singer Dan Bittman and TV showman, Andrei Gheorghe. In an interview for the newspaper, Gheorghe declared that the job is very complicated especially that the IMF is coming.

If you are wondering who is up next, then you will be disappointed: Finance minister Vladescu said that he will not hire anyone, as there are no places left. Singer Dan Bittman is due to receive feedback from the population since no one else can do it better.

Andrei Gheorghe declared that for him, it is very important to make strategies and be part of a spinning wheel, the place where the future is created.

Cotidianul on the other hand, questioned a series of communication experts about the ability of Gheorghe and Bittman to face the challenges. Gheorghe is said to be able to manage bad news, but Bittman is not sure whether he will not sing.

Romania libera
reads about Romania's black market, which is worth at least 30 billion euro which represents a quarter of the GDP. PM Boc's budget does not have access to the money as they lack strong policies to reveal these money.

Experts quoted by the newspaper said that without a working judicial and fiscal system the black market thrives. The 2010 budget does not differ that much by the previous budget except that it is shorter, as the Government did not find any alternative revenue sources this year.

The black market remains an undiscovered treasure. Boc's counsellor, Andreea Vass declared that this is just the begining because to the sum, we need to consider money coming from crimes and counterfeit which are hard to estimate.

Ilegal jobs represent 50% of the economy and VAT frauds to about 20% of the money that slips away from the government, according to official estimates. The main difficulty however, is to determine people to trust laws, trust the state and have a minimal respect towards other tax payers.

Cotidianul reads that Japan's Ambassador to Romania, Natsuo Amemiya decided to offer Romania a 315 million euro loan to build a subway linking downtown Bucharest to the international airport.

A press release of the Transports ministry said that the project has a major importance for the city.

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