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What the newspapers say: January 22, 2010

de A.C.
Vineri, 22 ianuarie 2010, 8:45 English | Press Review

IMF evaluation mission chief Jeffrey Franks declared on Thursday that there will be modifications in the agreement. One newspaper reads that only 9 Parliamentarians were present in all meetings of the Legislative in September - December 2009. Another newspaper notes that two Jewish brothers obtained 360,000 lei for all they endured during the Romanian Holocaust. Last but not least, Fly Taxi lost the monopoly over the International Airport Otopeni: 13 taxi companies and 57 private taxis won the new tender.

Cotidianul reads on Friday that the IMF might modify the supplementary letter to the agreement. Romania's representative to the IMF, Tanasescu declared that the IMF does not recommend new taxes.

IMF delegation chief Jeffrey Franks declared on Thursday that there will be certain modifications in the supplementary letter to the agreement with Romania but he assured that they will not be radical.

We are currently assessing the needs and the means we can resolve these needs, Franks declared. He added that the IMF is monitoring those areas where progress was registered. Franks said that it is a standard IMF procedure.

Franks said that there are a series of other legislative relevant aspects being discussed: pensions law, fiscal responsibility law, reforming public administration and other measures in the banking system, the newspaper reads, quoting

Elsewhere in the news, Cotidianul reads that only 9 Parliamentarians were present in all meetings of the Legislative in the September - December 2009 session. Many of the Parliamentarians did not even have a legislative initiative since their mandate started.

And more than a half of them resumed to only one or two political declarations. These are just a few of the conclusions of a study regarding the activity of the Parliamentarians.

Evenimentul Zilei notes about the first case in Romania where some Jewish brothers received 360,000 lei compensation for what they suffered during the Romanian Holocaust. Devy Abraham was a 8 year old child when he was deported to Transnistria together with his family. He returned as a teenager and had to live with the Securitate structures in his back.

After years of hesitation, he decided to free himself and come clean about that happened. In 2009, a court ruled a second execution of General Antonescu, responsible of the cruel acts. Fictive as it was, it helped Devy Abraham live with himself.

Gandul reads that Fly Taxi just lost its monopoly over the clients traveling to and from the Bucharest International Airport. 13 taxi companies and 57 privates won the new public tender. Fly Taxi held the monopoly for over 5 years. Starting February 1, the new companies will be able to operate in the area.

The maximum tariff is 3.5 lei/km. In 2004, Fly Taxi won a controversial tender organized by the Transports minister for a period of five years. 

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