Romanian LibDem party (PDL) exports First Home programme to Haiti. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian administration authority vice-president is suspect in the murder of a 26-year old woman in Dublin. Last but not least, although the Romanian Government invested six million euros from the state budget, the institutions close the doors for the young graduates who could reform the public administration.

Romanian LibDem party (PDL) exports the First Home programme for the hard-hit in Haiti, Gandul informs. After the Romanian state donated only 50,000 euros, the party wants to reduce the shame by building a residential district at the outskirts of Port-au-Prince with the money raised by the national TV channel TVR. The district will be named Romania.

The project approved yesterday sees the construction of 250 homes (5,000 euros each), one church (12,500 euros), one school (20,000 euros) and a medical centre. PD-L started the initiative, alongside other NGOs. PD-L members were asked to contribute to the programme as well. Most of the money is expected to be raised from the population, with the help of the national TV channel.

The Romanian authorities will work with two US NGOs with experience in constructions. Compared to Romania, other states gave generously to Haiti: Germany - 1.5 million euros, Great Britain - 10 million dollars. Spain was slightly better than Romania - 70,000 euros and three planes with humanitarian aids. Poland was even cheaper than Romania: 50,000 dollars. Lithuania sent only 14,500 dollars.

Cotidianul reads vice-president PD-L Hunedoara Marian Mihalache, second manager of the Romanian National Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (APIA) for Hunedoara branch, is suspected of killing a 26-year old woman in Dublin, followed by a suicide attempt. According to the press in Dublin, the crime has allegedly taken place last Thursday, in a flat from the Irish Management Institute campus. The murdered Romanian was a nurse working at a nearby hospital.

The man believed to be the woman's ex-boyfriend was found near the body and is therefore murder suspect. He had signs of injuries on his body. Police say they are not looking for anyone else in the case of Loredana Pricajan. The man will be interrogated as soon as comes out of shock. According to a police source, there seems to have been a domestic fight.

They believe they separated recently, the man went back to Romania, then returned to convince her to get back together. Officially, APIA says that Marian Mihalache has a one week-holiday for health reasons, accusing serious back pains. Hunedoara County Police was asked to cooperate with the Irish Police.

Although the Romanian Government invested six million euros from the state budget, the institutions close the doors for the young graduates who could reform the public administration, Evenimentul Zilei reads. One example: Paul Alexandru, a 35 year-old man, with two PhDs, one in Romania and one in Canada, Montreal, plus eight years of employment with the University in Quebec, cannot get a job in Romania. In his search for employment in the state’s structures, a contest for a role was cancelled and in one case he was asked who was recommending him.

The Romanian Government Special Scholarship programme, which set to educate talented Romanians with money from the state budget at the most prestigious universities world wide, has now been retired. Upon their return, they were bound to work in the public administration. But none of the 150 graduates received their "management or responsibility" job entailed by their contract. So they ended up looking for a job on their own.

Some of them sued the state for keeping them unemployed for three years, asking to be released from a contract condition saying that they had to wait until a role was found for them, without having to pay back the price of their studies. A recent study shows that Romanian employees prefer graduates educated in the country, because they don't claim big salaries and can be trained gradually. Many of those who studied abroad with a state scholarship have already returned overseas.