A Democrat Liberal Parliamentarian wants to compel all journalists to declare their wealth. Find out how journalists react to the proposal. In politics today, the government works at a new emergency ordinance which would politicize the decentralization process even though the Constitutional Court ruled them unconstitutional in the past. Hungarians, one step to receive cultural autonomy, for now. Elsewhere in the news, energy certificates become mandatory starting this month.

Cotidianul reads about the proposal of Democrat Liberal Parliamentarian Iulian Urban to compel journalists to declare their wealth to eliminate any doubts. Those affected, range between a pro vs con approach to the idea.

Chief editor at Realitatea FM declared that the idea is not that bad but the journalists need to regulate this on their own without the state's intervention. The state is not the one to decide what is good or bad.

Gandul renowned journalist, Cristian Tudor Popescu declared that this recommendation is already included in the self regulatory professional code of the press. He underlined that the press should take care of this matter, and politicians need to stay away.

Press Monitoring Agency criticizes the proposal as well and calls it abusive by trying to regulate a private activity, whose revenues come from private sources.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about PM Boc's plan to politicize the decentralizaton process even though such attempts were classed unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. According to sources quoted by the newspaper, Boc promised Democrat Liberals in the territory that the government will issue a new ordinance which will name all Democrat Liberals in important positions.

The legislative confusion lead to a situation where three people from the three main political parties occupy the same position and are paid by the state. Even so, the institutions they run are blocked: the 3,000 directors named unconstitutional by Boc cannot have the right to sign any papers until the law is cleared.

Gandul reads that the policy adopted by Hungarian Democrats, to act one step at a time, paid off. Democrat Liberals are helping them pass the national minority statute in the Parliament and the project is said to be implement by the end of the year.

PM Emil Boc urged its colleagues to adopt as fast as possible the national minority statute which has been blocked in the Parliament for four years. If back in 2005 Boc did not agree with it, yesterday he said that the project is very important for a democratic society.

The stakes are pretty high for the Hungarian Democrats: if the statute will pass, they will get cultural autonomy for their community. The project sees the set up of some institutions which will decide whether a school will be closed or not, name directors of cultural units, education or press and set the school agenda for the minority language and history.

The institutions would be financed from the state and would have their very own judicial personality. Hungarian Parliamentarians are determined to pass this statute.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera reads that energy certificates will be mandatory starting this month. Even though authorities wanted to postpone it by one year, they changed their minds, fearing European penalties.

No household will be sold without an energy certificate after February 15. Through this certificate, any potential buyer or renters are informed about the household's energy performance: expressed in the annual total consumption of energy, heath, hot water and electricity. In the end, the household is ranked in an energy class - A means a high energy efficiency to G which is equivalent of a low one.