All newspapers today read about President Basescu's announcement that Romanian will enter the American anti-missile shield, find out both the advantages and the disadvantages from the press as politicians prefer to talk about the former. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reveals how Tourism minister's investigation file was buried in the Deputies Chamber. Last but not least, the Social Democratic Party undergoes a great stress as leaders confront each other to gain the party's leadership.

Gandul reads about the anti-missile American shield, of which Romania will be a part of, as President Basescu informed yesterday. President Basescu's announcement was communicated after a surprise National Defense Council gathering.

Basescu said that Obama's message was delivered by the American sub-state secretary for arms control, Ellen Tauscher who arrived in Romania a day before yesterday. Basescu said that the calendar foresees that some facilities will be build in Romania starting 2015.

The system comes to meet the new categories of threats, Basescu said. He added that the old placement of the shield did not cover Romania while the new placement guarantees full coverage.

Basescu underlined that this is not an action against Russia. The decision will be final only after it will be approved in the Parliament, Basescu added.

Evenimentul Zilei wonders who will pay for the anti-missile shield: there is no information regading the costs, whether costs will be supported by all countries attending the program. Experts quoted by the newspaper read that to integrate to the anti-ballistic shield, Romania needs 3-4 billion dollars.

Gandul journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu comments that the shield is not a success of the Boc government and it marks the best relation Romania ever had with the US since Nixon. General Mihail Ionescu, director of the Defense Political Studies Institute declared that the missile will secure the country against missiles from the Middle East.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the buried file against Tourism minister Elena Udrea. The newspaper reveals that the Chamber of Deputies Speaker, Roberta Anastase, her party colleague managed to keep the information from the Judicial Committee enough time to avoid their possibility to contest the decision of the prosecutors not to start a penal investigation.

The spending of the public money at the Tourism ministry was the object of a Parliamentary investigation last year. Deputies urged prosecutors to start investigations against Udrea's closest people as they did not have immunity.

Deputies never made an official request to investigate Elena Udrea, because the file was never on the agenda. Even so, prosecutors sent a written letter reading that they decided not to start investigations agains Udrea. Prosecutors found Udea innocent in 8 accusations even if Parliamentarians formulated on 4.

The document was kept in the Chamber of Deputies office for 20 days when the deadline for contestation of the judicial committee expired.

Romania libera reads about former PM Adrian Nastase who kept his promise and announced his candidacy for the party's presidency. Nastase constructed his speech surrounding President Basescu and said that even though Basescu would want a weak opposition party, he wants to transform the party in the contrary.

Social Democrat Miron Mitrea admitted yesterday that he plans to collaborate closely with the party's deputy president, Cristian Diaconescu but did not give any other details. Diaconescu also announced his candidacy and declared that he is ready to collaborate with all those Social Democrats who believe that they have a say.

Ion Iliescu declared that the party needs to elect the most competent and well suited people to lead the party. The Social Democratic Party will organize its extraordinary congress on February 20 when the new party leader will be elected.