The government approved the new pensions law, limiting pensions to a maximum of 2,700 lei if the law will pass in the Parliament. While the government struggles to cut luxurious pensions and Transports ministry complain about the lack of money to maintain roads, the Government will invest for four years in the infrastructure and the development of Republic of Moldova, at the promise of the President. Elsewhere in the news, two Romanians are the brains behind the laser show which marks the beginning of the Winter Olympic Games at Vancouver.

Most newspapers today read about the government's decision to limit luxury pensions to 2,700 lei. Evenimentul Zilei reads that if approved, the wealthiest retired will get 7% less: from a 37.000 lei pension, a former magistrate will receive only 2.645 lei.

Special pensions will be recalculated not only for magistrates but also for former Parliamentarians, aviators, diplomats or military personnel. However, just 15% of the 180,000 special pensions paid by the state will decrease after recount, PM Boc declared.

Almost 27,000 luxury pensions will be cut: the other 85% who benefit from pensions less than 3000 lei will not be affected by the recount. Those who have a special pension of 1400-1500 lei will get even more.

The biggest pensions paid by the state are: a magistrate gets 37,241 lei; a pilot gets 31,827 lei, a banker in the public system 24,232 lei and a diplomat 16,180 lei.

On the same subject, Romania libera reads that the normative act was created at the pressures of the IMF and sees to transform the public pensions system in a viable one, which can sustain itself and eliminate discrepancies.

The economy to the budget increases to 800 million euro per year: pensions will be recounted in five months after the law is enforced.

Gandul reads about the government's decision to honor President Basescu's promise to offer financial support for the Republic of Moldova. And all this despite the fact that the government is struggling to cut luxury pensions to have more money for the years to come and the Transports minister cries that it will not have money to maintain roads.

The sum Romania will offer to Moldova is about 100 million euro: Romania will invest in infrastructure and its development four years. In a recent visit to Moldova Basescu promised that Romania will help Moldova to recover from the crisis. At the time, Basescu said that the financial support complies with all European financing standards.

According to the aid scheme, the money will go in installments, in four years. After the negotiation of the intergovernmental agreement and its signature, Moldova will receive the first 25 million euro.

Gandul reads about Romanians Nagy Stefan Szilamer and Rakosfalvy Zsolt, two youngsters from Sfantu Gheorghe, central Romania whose company is world leader in laser shows software.

The newspaper reads that their software was used in several shows at important world events from the opening of hotels in Dubai, to the launch of the new Mini Cooper in Germany and to the New Years count down in Central Park.

Tomorrow, the program designed by the two Romanians will direct the laser movement on the sky at the opening of the Vancouver winter games.