Most newspapers today wonder whether the Social Democratic Party will be able to find its way now that its honorable president, Ion Iliescu announced he will withdraw from the political scene. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's infrastructure is starting to fail and needs about 40 billion euro to maintain the electricity, heath and roads. Last but not least, ECOFIN ministers approved a one year delay to Romania's deadline to decrease budgetary deficit below the European regulated level of 3% of GDP. Romania's Cantacuzino Institute, which was producing A/H1N1 vaccines, cannot produce them anymore as its license expired.

The Social Democratic Party undergoes great changes now that the Congress is around the corner. Gandul reads about the ex PSD President Ion Iliescu who announced his decision to quit politics. Cotidianul wonders whether the party will find its way without the man who created it back in the early 1990.

Iliescu said that his dissatisfaction with the new vote Geoana and his team proposes, the vote on lists, lead him to this decision. Adrian Nastase declared that Iliescu's reaction is a protest against the direction the party took but that it cannot be argued that Iliescu will not be seen at the party's meetings anymore.

Meanwhile, in the party teams reshuffle, Gandul reads: Victor Ponta announced that he will run for a seat in the party's leadership while Mazare, Constanta's mayor declared that he wants a seat under Mitrea. According to internal sources, Geoana awaits Diaconescu's decision on whether he will endorse Geoana and give up the competition.

Victor Ponta's father in law, until now supporter for Geoana, decided to endorse his son in law. Until now, Ponta is supported by organizations in Neamt, Prahova, Salaj, Timis, Iasi, Cluj, Arges. Another countercandidate of Ponta, Miron Mitrea declared that he will not withdraw from the race but invited Ponta to occupy an important position under his wing.

Gandul reads on Wednesday that Romania needs about 40 billion euro to supply electricity, heath and roads. Since there were no investments in the last 20 years, Romania's infrastructure is starting to break. Daily news announce accidents in various parts of the country caused by the poor infrastructure.

The electric system of the country needs about 20 billion euro to be able to function properly. Heating systems are down: in Bucharest, it will take about 20 years to modernize the system. In Transports, there is need of about 7.5 billion euro as 70% of the national roads needs repairs.

Director of the company assuring heath, RADET, Mihai Becheanu declared that Romania is the second country in Europe as size and the old 40 year old system needs hundreds of millions of euro o be rehabilitated.

ECOFIN council reuniting Finance ministers across the EU approved on Tuesday a one year delay to Romania's deadline to decrease the budgetary deficit below the approved European level of 3% of GDP, Cotidianul reads.

The Council approved the recommendations made by the European Commission regarding the excessive deficit of countries like Romania, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Malta. The Council considers that these countries took enough measures to respect the new deadline.

EU member states wishing to adopt the euro need to maintain their budgetary deficit to below 3% of GDP in a sustainable way.

Cotidianul reads that the Romanian Cantacuzino Institute, which was producing, among others, the A/H1N1 vaccine does not have a licence to produce them any longer after authorities withdrew it.

Cantacuzino Institute Director, Radu Iordachel declared that this decision will lead to the lay off of 450 people. The Institute urges the government to allow it to continue producing the vaccine until the Institute can receive a new license to commercialize the products.