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What the newspapers say: March 9, 2010

de A.C.
Marţi, 9 martie 2010, 8:50 English | Press Review

The Democrat Liberals received the support of the Hungarian Democrats to replace ex PSD leader Mircea Geoana as Senate's Speaker. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reveals the billionaires behind Romania and Moldova's improving bilateral relations. Bucharest mayor Oprescu plans to increase with a third the price of water utilities in Bucharest and invest 35 million in artificial fountains and tourism. On a lighter tone, Romanian Daniela Dodean is the best table tennis player in Romania.

Most newspapers today read about the plans of the Democrat Liberals to replace ex PSD leader Mircea Geoana from his position as Speaker of the Senate. The Democrat Liberals received the support of the Hungarian Democrats for their plans, Gandul reads.

The strategy seems to work, after the leadership of the Democrat Liberals approved the action endorsed by the Senators. If the Social Democrats will not be present in the Senate's Permanent Office, the Democrat liberals will call for resignation, claiming that the Social Democrats boycott the Parliamentary activity.

However, the Social Democrats have every interest to attend the meeting and Democrat Liberals will introduce a resignation request to discussion on Wednesday, irrespective if it will not pass in the Permanent Office.

Hungarian Democrats announced their support for the Democrat liberals yesterday. PSD leader Victor Ponta declared that representatives of the other parties are acting as if a foreign party took over Romania which endangers the democratic process.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that even if they manage to change the Senate's Speaker, the Democrat Liberals do not have a replacer. Sources declared that most probably, PDL Transports minister will be named if Geoana will be revoked.

However, Berceanu declared that he is not interested in the position.

Romania libera
reads about the billionaires behind the improving bilateral relations between Romania and Moldova. Moldovan billionaires control the biggest part of Moldova's economy and they are a key factor in the future relations with Romania.

Their businesses and interests would be hard to avoid, considering their influence. Two of the sons of ex Moldovan Presidents, Vladimir Voronin and Petru Lucinschi are one of the best examples.

Most Moldovan billionaire have or had business in Romania and this might influence bilateral relations, the newspaper reads.

Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest mayor Oprescu plans to increase water utilities cost by a third and invest 35 million euro in artificial fountains and tourism, Gandul reads. In 2010, the city hall will have a 5.6 billion lei budget. Oprescu announced that half of the money are subsidies the city hall pays for transports and heath.

He explained that the city hall is left with 1.25 billion lei for investments and he assured that there are money to finish works started in Bucharest and continue the investments in the old area of the capital city.

However, he announced that the budget does not support all his projects, like the suspended highway.

Gandul reads about Daniela Dodean's performance, as she won at the National competitions all the three titles at girls simple, girls double and double mix. Dodean had the chance to play against her very own sister, as there are three brothers in the Dodean family who play table tennis.

Dana Dodean said she was thrilled to see her little sister in the game. Dana Dodean confesses that she took advantage of the fact that her brother played and she trained only with men which helped her a lot.

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