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What the newspapers say: March 11, 2010

de A.C.
Joi, 11 martie 2010, 8:42 English | Press Review

In politics, find out what PSD Geoana misses out and what the Democrat Liberals win by taking over the Senate's Speaker position from Geoana. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper claims that Romanian schools produce mediocre students with a diploma. On a lighter tone, Cluj Napoca, central Romanian plans to become the European Capital of Culture in 2020. The Spring Jazz Festival in May in Bucharest will bring about the long awaited spring, let's hope.

Romania libera reads about yesterday's power struggle between the Democrat Liberals and the Social Democrats to maintain PSD Geoana as Senate's Speaker. Because of this, 40 laws became collateral victims.

If Geoana loses the position, he will have to say good bye to all the privileges he as like a free state owned house, security guards, all counselors and secretaries he has while the Democrat Liberals will rule the Permanent Office of the Senate.

In less than one year, Geoana scattered his dream to become President, lost the power in the party and his influence in various groups within the party and is now on the edge again. If the Democrat Liberals will win, this would bring about even more problems for Geoana.

If the Democrat Liberals win the seat, they will overrun majority in the Senate's Permanent Office, where the Social Democrats are dominant due to the Senate's Speaker. The Office has important attributions in the process needed for draft laws and projects. If the Senate is the chamber with the power to decide, the Permanent Office is the one that pushes a draft law for faster consideration or on the contrary, buries it.

The Permanent Office also decides who leaves abroad and what investments are made. Meanwhile, the struggle continues. PSD Geoana claims that he cannot be changed unless the Social Democrats want it.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that Romanian schools produce mediocre people with a diploma. And the main to blame for this are the teachers who need to change their mentality and form competent adults.

Romanian students should know to communicate in their own language, in a foreign one, to use the computer and be able to apply abstract notions in their real life, have a civic spirit and know how to socialize and manifest cultural sensibilities. In other words, to be prepared to face life.

However, the newspaper reads that all these ideals are set on paper only as the manuals are not adequate nor is the school schedule. Even more, professors did not even try to apply them.

Cluj Napoca runs for the European Capital of Culture in 2020, Gandul reads. The project, sustained by the city hall, the local university union and several foundations and associations. The whole cultural and academic society can join this group to make this happen, the newspaper reads.

On a lighter tone, American jazz players Yusef Lateef Quartet and Pharoah Sanders Quartet will perform on May 11 in Bucharest, at the Bucharest Spring Jazz Festival, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Lateef received the Grammy prize in 1987 and is known for the big number of instruments he is singing.

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