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What the newspapers say: March 19, 2010

de A.C.
Vineri, 19 martie 2010, 8:21 English | Press Review

Big textile retailers in Romania are on the verge of relocating to Bangladesh, India, Vietnam as production costs increased, leaving hundreds of people on the streets. Elsewhere in the news, European Investment Bank officials conclude that Romania faces the last stage of the crisis and that the state has huge difficulties in coping with it. Romanian world champion boxed Lucian Bute trains in Miami to hide his celebrity and seek his peace, one month before one of the most important games in his career. The Romanian women arrested in Spain this month, accused of complicity in the Sahil Saeed kidnapping, a 5 year old boy, is a former employee of the Spanish police.

Big textile producers in Romania are planning to relocate to Bangladesh, India or Vietnam as production costs in Romania increased leaving thousands of hundreds without a job, Gandul reads. 750,000 people in the textile industry were laid off two years ago and currently there are about 200,000 people working in the industry.

last year, textile industry production dropped by 30% and exports dropped by 13%. Levi's entered the Romanian market in 2000 and left in 2008 but they left as they found something cheaper in Bangladesh, Lidia Herescu, marketing representative of a textile company in Romania.

H&M, another big company came to Romania in 1995 and left in 2009 to Turkey with its mass production.

Gandul quotes European Investment Bank officials saying that Romania faces the last stage of the crisis even if the government faces huge difficulties. Local economists quoted by the newspaper however, say that 2010 will be a year of crisis as well and everybody will pay the costs.

The main difficulty of the country is the public budget, EIB Vice President Mathias Kollatz Ahnen declared in a press conference. As a solution, Kollatz Ahnen indicated the European funds, which he classes as a natural anti crisis pack.

However, from Romania, the evolution of the crisis seems difference. Local experts say that the last stage of the crisis is a drop in the population's consumption, which was partially avoided last year by the government.

He said that last year, only private individuals paid the costs, but this year, budgetary personnel will as well. At an official level 2010 is the recovery year.

Romanian world boxer champion Lucian Bute preferred to train in Miami, in search of a quite place where he will not be disturbed, Gandul reads.In a month Bute will face one of the most important games in his life when he will meet Edison Pantera Miranda.

The stakes are high, as Bute needs to defend his world champion belt. Bute declared that back in Montreal where he lives and usually trains he is well known now and his phone did not stop ringing - which would be disturbing.

Bute said that Miranda is a strong fighter and he needs to train very well. Bute confesses that he trains a lot and that he takes it very serious. Nonetheless, he says that he has a very good team helping him.

Romania libera reads that the Romanian woman arrested earlier this month in Spain, accused of complicity in the Sahil Saeed kidnapping is a former employee of the Spanish police. The case of the kidnapped 5 year old boy on March 4, in Pakistan and released in exchange of 100,000 pounds was debated in the international press.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday together with two Pakistani, in an apartment in the Spanish city Constanti and accused of complicity to the kidnapping. The three are part of an international network and two of them - the Romanian and a Pakistani - worked for the Spanish police.

Armed people took Sahil Saeed on March 4 from his grandmother's house in Jhelum, Pakistan a region known for kidnaps. 

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