All main political parties are on the loop today, newspapers read. The Higher Court of Justice decided to release businessmen Marius Locic and Costel Casuneanu and judge Florin Costiniu, all involved in the corruption file against former Social Democratic Senator Catalin Voicu, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, the Liberal Party has many dues after the Presidential elections, mainly to businessman Dinu Patriciu. The Democrat Liberals, one newspaper reveals, laid off almost all directors of decentralized institutions except Mihai David.

Romania libera notes the decision of the Higher Court of Justice to approve the recourse of businessmen Locic and Casuneanu, together with judge Costiniu - all investigated in the same corruption file against Social Democratic Senator Catalin Voicu.

The three were arrested on Friday night when the same Court approved the request of anti graft prosecutors. According to the Monday court decision, the three are not allowed to talk and cannot contact any witness in the case. Plus, they are not allowed to leave the country for 30 days.

Locic was the first to exit the court and declared that he is happy that judges were not influenced. He said that he is happy to go home, to celebrate his daughter's four year anniversary. Locic said that he proved with evidence that anti graft prosecutors are not right.

Businessman Casuneanu declared that he does not want to comment the situation while judge Costiniu said that the decision was a normal one but that he prefers not to comment. Costiniu added that he requested his retirement at the Superior Council of Magistracy, where he was suspended.

Gandul reads that the Social Democratic Party is not the only one left without money, on the contrary. The Liberals undergo a serious situation, as the dues raise to 3 million euro, compared to the 2 million euro of the Social Democrats. The Liberal leadership mentioned the dues of the party left after the Presidential elections.

Each local organization will have to pay 1,000 euro per month depending on several criteria. The most rich, with mayors and deputy mayors, those with Presidents or deputy Presidents of county councils will pay more while others less.

In such a situation, the 3 million euro might be paid off in 6 years. Sources confirmed that the Liberals have 3 million euro to pays off. Ion Brad, the member in charge with the party's finances declared that the party owes to the rich businessman Dinu Patriciu and his company Odyssey about 700,000 euro.

Leaders of the party declared that Patriciu threaten to block the accounts of the Party if he will not be paid. Brad said that hopefully the party will be able to pay up its dues by 2012, the next Presidential elections.

Cotidianul reads that the Social Democrat Mihai David is the only Social Democrat to maintain his position, as director of a decentralized institution, unlike all his other colleagues. David was President of the local Social Democratic branch in Brasov and was named as head of the Hidroelectrica company by Democrat Liberal Adrian Videanu, at the request of the Social Democrat Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana.

David is still member of the Social Democratic Party and the newspaper wonders how did he manage to maintain his position in one of the most desired institution. One explanation, the newspaper reads is that David as head of the Hidroelectrica signed an agreement with ALRO, an aluminum producer, for electrical energy at a price which would vary depending on the price of aluminum.

The newspaper reads that ALRO, back in 2006 was supported by the Democrat Liberals to sign agreements which rule the purchase of energy at a preferential price. And this is not all, the newspaper reads. David was a business partner with many important businessmen in Romania, including in some controversial ones.