The Icelandic volcanic ash triggered chaos throughout Europe, including Romania where the airspace was completely closed until today at 9AM. Elsewhere in the news, 75,000 budgetary personnel will be laid off in 2010. Another newspaper reads about 4 million euro paid for two medical robots even though doctors do not consider them a priority of the medical system at this time. Romanian boxer Bute defended his world champion belt for the fifth time. Last but not least, one newspaper highlights the best wines in Romania.

Romania libera reads about the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, which triggered chaos in Europe. In Romania, the airspace was completely closed until today, at 9 AM but flights might be suspended until Thursday.

The ash cloud transformed one of Romania's airports, Baneasa in Bucharest in a big waiting room. About 150 watch confused how all flights were canceled. Others already found a solution, to rent a bus to Italy but this will cost another 70 euro/person and 20 hours of travel.

One Romanian, Iulian Stoian, expert in public policies is in Vienna. He said for the newspaper that trains are full just like train stations despite the policy of the train stations to supplement trains.

Travel agencies lose 1 million euro per day, as the ash cloud froze air traffic. This some comes from ticket sales, on average about 3000 to 4000 euro per day.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the 4 million euro spent by the Health ministry for medical robots to hospitals lead by directors close to the Social Democratic Party. The winner of the public tender is the company of a close friend of Mihaela Geoana, wife of Mircea Geoana, former PSD leader.

The robots are not considered a priority of the health system, not even by doctors operating with them. Nonetheless, in 2009, the robots were purchased in crisis time. The program was initiated in 2009 and was supposed to enrich five hospitals in Romania with five of the best medical robots.

However, only one company, Sof Medica attended the tender and the Health minister at the time Bazac canceled the tender due to lack of competition and transparency. However, he announced that the money will be reallocated and that the money will be invest in other medical equipment.

However, in his last day at the ministry, Bazac allocated 4 million euro for two hospital to purchase robots without the involvement of the ministry. Plus, there was no tender organized, on grounds that there is only one company in Romania which might deliver the robots, namely Sof Medica.

Catherine Sofianou, director of Sof Medica happens to be vice president of the Renasterea Foundation, lead by Mihaela Geoana.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads that there are about 75,000 budgetary personnel to be fired in 2010. However, they will receive support, like subsidies to employment, support to set up companies or fiscal credits for each new employee.

However, Transports minister Radu Berceanu declared that the government did not discuss the number of lay offs needed. The purpose of the government is to keep people not fire them, Berceanu said.

On a lighter tone, Romanian Lucian Bute defended his world champion belt for the fifth time, as he won against Edison Miranda, most newspapers read. Bute won his world champion belt in 2007 when he won against Alejandro Berrio, by KO.

Gandul reads about the VinVest 2010, an exhibition of wines which reunited the best 23 wine producers and distributors in Romania.The best wines in Romania, which received a golden medal were the producers from Vrancea, Alba and Timis.

Agriculture minister Mihai Dumitru, present at the exhibition announced that annually, Romania allocates 42 million euro to modernize and restructure wineries. Another battle was fought between wines in Timisoara, West Romania between Recas and Jidvei wines, where Jidvei proved its superiority with 10 to 8.