The so called process to revise the Constitution is just a small revision of the fundamental law, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, Democrat Liberals would do anything to have the support of the Hungarian Democrats in the Parliament for the revision process, but the Hungarians are not tempted. A 20% salary cut or an unpaid holiday are two of the recommended solutions to avoid the massive budgetary lay off.

Cotidianul reads about the so called revision of the Constitution process, announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday. The newspaper reads that, in fact the revision is just a mini revision, which refers only to the Parliamentary system to which they add a bonus to the President's immunity.

The government proposes the following modifications: a unicameral Parliament, called the House of Representatives with 300 Parliamentarians; the modification of the process enacting the laws - a draft law will be debated two times, at a distance of 30 days; a 10 day delay of the House to take a stand on the new PM promosal is considered a rejection; if the President is suspended, the Constitutional Court's stand on the matter is not consultative.

The newspaper reads that the opposition declared that the Prime Minister's move is offensive, as yesterday, the Parliament adopted, with the approval of all political parties the set up of a committee in charge of the revision of the fundamental law. What the government is doing is not acceptable, former PM Adrian Nastase said.

However, what Boc failed to make clear, the Chamber of Deputies Speaker did: namely that the whole revision process will be dealt by the special committee and not by the government or the President.

However, the revision process is not as straightforward as the Democrat Liberals do not have majority in the Parliament without the Hungarian Democrats, Gandul reads. And, the Hungarian Democrats do not agree with the unicameral Parliament, nor with the idea of less Parliamentarians, for that matter.

Hungarian Democratic leader Marko Bella declared that he will stand against this process. One thing is clear though, that a consensus will have to be reached, one way or the other. Bella said that the bicameral process is false and needs to be reformed accordingly. He said that all parties will need to compromise.

Democrat Liberals declared that they were expecting this reaction from the Hungarian Democrats and that negotiations will start, based on principles.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the two possible alternatives to the massive lay out which hangs over the budgetary system. The newspaper puts forward two options: a 20% cut of the salaries, several days of unpaid holiday or technical unemployment for limited periods of time.

PM Boc's counselor, Andreea Vass advanced a lay off of about 75,000 people while the Romanian Central Bank counselor Lucian Croitoru talked about 100,000 people. However, the government postpones o restructure the state sector.

Expert Ilie Serbanescu declared that spending to the unemployment budget will increase, so layoffs are not necessarily the best solution. On a short term, spending would increase - because of unemployment benefits and because of the compensatory salaries.

The solution of the Hungarians was to cut 20% of the state budgets - a solution which would balance Romania's budget as well. However, it is doubtful that such a measure will be applied in Romania after the executive assumed only a freeze in salaries, not a decrease.