All newspapers read about the IMF meeting with the government and the expected anti-crisis measures the government should take. Elsewhere in the news, the Democrat Liberal - Hungarian Democrats coalition is in peril after a Democrat Liberal deputy shattered the dream of Hungarian Democrats to see geography and history studied in Hungarian for natives. The Senate's Speaker was linked with Senator Voicu's investigation. Last but not least, the government allocated 30.2 million lei for investments and 335 projects and 29 million lei for current spending of 815 city halls and county councils.

All newspapers comment on the government's anti-crisis measures it has to take. Gandul reads that the government's anti-tax solution is President's Basescu's negotiating power. Today, the President is due to meet the IMF delegation.

Government sources declared for the newspaper that yesterday, the executive complained that the IMF representatives are not flexible and pressure them to increase VAT to 24%. The executive hopes that President Basescu will manage to negotiate with the IMF delegation.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that the Democrat Liberals coalition with the Hungarian Democrats is boiling after a Democrat Liberal shattered the Hungarian Democrats dream to see geography and History studied in Hungarian by native speakers.

In the same time, the PM does not wish to comment on the matter, especially that lately, Traian Basescu and his supporters call for a reshuffle of the government.

The Democrat Liberals' vote in the Education Committee was decisive and Hungarian Democrat leader Marko Bela transferred the dispute to the Senate. He warned his colleagues that if the law is not corrected, Hungarian Democrats will no longer respect the coalition.

The same tension is felt at the level of the executive where members of the coalition were not called at the meeting with the President.

Romania Libera investigates some money allocations from the government. For example, the newspaper reads, it is quite unclear why for the Iasi airport the government allocated seven time less money than for the repair of a street in Cluj Napoca, where PM Boc comes from.

For the Iasi airport, the government allocated 300,000 lei and for a street in Cluj, 2 million lei. Another confusing allocation is a 3 million lei budget for a Cultural House in Suceava, North Romania.

Suceava's mayor, Ion Lungu says that the project is undertaken in collaboration with the county council in Suceava and sees the repair and expansion of a former cinema and will received from the local budget 1.7 million lei.

However the newspaper reads that there is another cultural house in the city, pertaining to the unions.