Old people and budgetary personnel need to suffer because politicians refused reforms, one newspaper reads on Monday. After the President delivered the bad news for retired people and budgetary personnel, PM Boc released a positive inventory of what is next. Last but not least, the Icelandic volcanic ash might reach West Romania on Monday morning.

Romania Libera notes who Romania missed on billions of euro from foreign investments. Tens of thousands of jobs and serious contributions to the budget - just the few advantages ignored. In 2009, Mercedes chose Hungary over Romania for its new factory, because it considered that Hungary is better.

The investment totaled 800 million euro and the factory offered 2500 people a job. The newspaper reads that if Romania had a good infrastructure, we would have obtained the investment.

In Transylvania, central Romania two potential Nokia suppliers changed their minds back in 2007. Local authorities declared that the two companies were dissatisfied with the lack of infrastructure in the area.

There were other investments that eschewed Romania due to the lack of infrastructure: Austrian group Knauf was planning a 70 million euro investment, to say the least.

After the President delivered the bad news for budgetary personnel and retired people, the PM release a positive inventory of what is next, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Three days after the President announced the bad news, PM Boc presented his future, positive steps.

However, the newspaper reads that Boc did not explain who the pensions and salaries will be reduced. Accusing the former Liberal government of mismanagement, Boc said that the new measures presented by the President will offer the possibility of investors to continue their businesses.

Some of the plans presented by Boc include co-financing projects in the rural areas, finishing and repairing hundreds of km of county and national roads, continuing programs like the First House or building 4000 social houses. All these would have been impossible without the IMF program.

Cotidianul reads that the Environment ministry received last minute information regarding the evolution of the Icelandic ash cloud produced by a new eruption of the active Icelandic volcano.

According to the latest updates from the London Volcanic Ash Advisory, the cloud will not reach Romania. However, on Monday night, the cloud will approach West Romania.

Gandul reads that on Sunday Germany, Switzerland and Croatia closed several airports. The Romanian ministry is supervising the trajectory of the ash cloud and its concentration. Several flights to Italy were canceled in Romania, due to the ash cloud.