Cuts in public sector salaries are to affect carers assisting disabled. Several Romanian LibDems (PD-L) are openly criticising the Cabinet for the cut in pensions and salaries. Meanwhile, Education Ministry adviser Melania Vergu is suspected to having used her public role for her own European project. Elsewhere in the news, the Romanian sailor whose crew escaped Somali pirates is wounded. Last but not least, Romanian officials invited Bollywood to shoot in Romania.

Evenimentul Zilei focuses on the cuts in salaries, reporting on the 25% cut in the income carers for the disabled get. Over 180,000 families are to be affected by the decision to reduce the sum from 705 to 600 lei, the minimum wage. According to statistics, most carers are related to the disabled. Even if Executive members stated this category would not be affected, but the measures goes for al public sector staff. 225,000 dialled Romanian citizens are currently assisted by 180,000 personal assistants, whether relatives or hired by the local council.

Gandulinforms that several Romanian LibDems (PD-L) are openly criticising the Boc Cabinet for the cut in pensions and salaries, announcing they will either abstain or vote in favour of the opposition's censorship motion, "with tickets on display". Boc is the PD-L leader, but if 24 members of his party are to vote against the measures he intends to assume responsibility for, the Cabinet will undergo reshuffle. The motion needs 236 votes to pass. Abstentions won't help, but this shows the party is frail. Dissidents may not be tolerated, voices in PD-L say.

Adevarulshows how Education Ministry adviser Melania Vergu used her public role for her own European project, asking rectors to submit practical module analysis her company needed to conclude the project of Edu Tim, company where she owns 50%. While those she approached say she was asking for unsuitable information and that she was building a database, Vergu states her claims from students and university staff were related to her project, which received 12.896.762 lei from the EU, 1.782.002 lei from the Romanian state and 772.567 lei from Edu Tim. Education minister Daniel Funeriu said he was not aware of her endeavour.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania Libera introduced the Romanian who had been retained by the Somali pirates in the Aden Gulf, who is part of a crew that managed to escape and take control of the ship after four months. The Romanian, 36 year-old Virgil Teofil Cretu, is seriously wounded following the fights. All the seven pirates are dead. The Romanian sailor's wife says he had been shot in the leg and there is no medical support on board.

Last but not least, Gandul informs that Romanian ambassador in New Delhi Valerica Epure has invited Bollywood producers to shoot in Romania. Actors like Aishwarya Rai, Arjun Rampal, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan, Esha Deol şi Adnan Sami could trip over Romanian MPs if their shoots will take them to the People's House in Bucharest. The largest foreign film last shot in Romania was Cold Mountain in 2002.