The Romanian press follows up the first reactions coming from the political sphere, after the censorship motion against the Government's austerity measures failed to pass through Parliament. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian universities are trying to adapt to the economic crisis. Last but not least, half of the Romanian counties consume more money than they return to the state budget.

Adevarul informs the Romanian Constitutional Court is going to trial the notices received on the Government's austerity measures. Five notices have been made so far: two by magistrates from the High Court of Justice, two from the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and one from the National Liberal Party (PNL). Magistrates consider the work code and the work social protection are breached, while PSD accuses that the cut in pensions and salaries is the equivalent to a new tax. PNL also points out that the austerity measures break three articles from the Constitution.

Gandul focuses on PDL's internal dispute: Lib Dem MPs told PM Emil Boc he owed it to them to repair the party's image. Party members are scheduled to meet in Snagov with President Traian Basescu on Sunday. The Executive is expected to cut the state secretary roles. PDL MPs have criticised the inefficient spending of public funds and the issue of political clientele. PDL deputy told Boc the public has been served circus and that he was serving it blood.

Evenimentul Zilei reads Romanian universities are trying to adapt to the economic crisis: they offer more paid-for than paying-for placements and have frozen their taxes to attract students to some programmes. For example, public administration roles - once popular, the crisis has made the jobs in public administration uncertain. The waves of cuts in salaries is going to impact on the students' choices, professors believe. This will actually make universities take into account the dynamic on the work market.

There are two Romanias, Romania Libera reads: one consumes and another pays. Half of the Romanian counties receive more money from the state budget than they pay back with money raised from taxes. Only 20 counties have had superior contributions to the budget, Finance Ministry shows. The highest contributions come from Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timis and Prahova, while the counties consuming most money are Vaslui, Olt, Suceava, Botosani and Bacau.