​The press reads on the regional floods that claimed lived and destroyed household. Elsewhere in the news, taxpayers are to face more bureaucracy. Last but not least, police found a cannabis plantation and stolen luxury cars at two farms investigated for oil theft.

Adevarul reads floods in Romania claim first two lives, after destroying households and crops. Hydrologists have issued warning against landslides around rivers in the counties of Cluj, Salaj, Satu Mare and Bihor. The persons to die were from Cluj, where 500 households were flooded. One victim is an 84-year old woman and the other is a 23-year old man. Two sisters are under intense medical care in Iasi, after being struck by lightning. In Alba, basements were flooded and many cars and rooftops were racked.

Adevarul informs starting with July 1, taxpayers will have to put up with a thicker bureaucracy devised by the Romanian state to prevent fiscal fraud. The creation of a VAT operators register is going to create paperwork issues fiscal experts warn. Plus, copyright owners are given the chance to tick dependent or independent leaves a way for authorities to commit fiscal abuses. Specialists also warn that the decision to tax meal tickets, leave gifts and nursery grants are going to the employers' benefits system.

Gandul focuses on the police that went to investigate two farms whose owners were accused for stealing oil and found a cannabis field and 23 luxury cars. Six men were retained: two from Constanta, one from Bacau and one from Prahova. The police found approximately 75 tones of oil and the device used to steal from the Conpet pipe. There were also 918 pots with cannabis. The men will be under preventive arrest and stand trial in court.