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​What the newspapers say: August 4, 2010 

de A.C.
Miercuri, 4 august 2010, 9:34 English | Press Review

The average rate of deadly accidents in Romania exceeds by far the EU average, according to official data released by the European Road Statistics 2009 but Romanians claim that they are very good drivers. Elsewhere in the news, IT specialists warn about the latest internet theft schemes: fake job offerings. Last but not least, Romanian pork farms need one billion euro worth of investments to export to the EU if the EU opens up the market for Romanian producers. 

The average rate of deadly accidents in Romania exceeds by far the EU average according to official data of the European Road Statistics 2009 but Romanians claim that they are the best EU drivers, Gandul reads. 

65% of the respondents declared that they feel unsafe on the Romanian roads while 24% of the Europeans declared that they feel unsafe. According to data in the European Road Statistics 2009, Romania is last in the EU to decrease the number of deadly accidents. 

Romania registered 219 deaths to 1 million people which is about 782 deaths to 1 million cars between 1990 - 2007 and at the EU level, the indicators reveal 86 deaths to 1 million people.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei warns its readers about the latest internet robbery scheme that appeared after the crisis: fake job offers. IT experts warn that people should not give in to such offers. 

There is a black list at the European level of fake job offering sites that have similar sites with the official European recruiting ones. Such fake websites are or Other ghost sites are or 

Such spam messages existed for a while now but lately they have been oriented to Eastern Europe, including Romania. Experts urge people not to offer their personal information data or their bank accounts for that matter. 

Some websites even ask for so called small taxes of 10, 20 to 100 euro before the individual can get the job. 

Romania libera reads that even if the EU decides to open up its market for Romanian pork meat producers, Romanian farms still need over 1 billion euro investments to export in the EU. EU has no reason to refuse to open up the markets in August, the newspaper reads. 

Romania's exports until the end of the year will not exceed 20,000 - 30,000 live stock, Agriculture Ministry state secretary Adrian Radulescu said. Even though in Romania are 280 big farms that produce for the internal market, pork imports reach annually 70% and come from the EU. 

The economic crisis, the lack of investments, export interdiction and the lack of state subsidies for producers were the main reason for the decline of the production sector. This year, more and more farms and associations are close to bankruptcy. 

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