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What the newspapers say: August 6, 2010 

de A.C.
Vineri, 6 august 2010, 10:08 English | Press Review

100 families cannot recover the money paid to a constructor because contracts were not legally registered and people were left without the money and the apartments. Elsewhere in the news, find out how two Romanians made history in the European dance. Last but not least, one newspaper wrote a 50,000 euro worth article. 

Evenimentul Zilei tells the story of about 100 families in Cluj, central Romania who are unable to recover the money paid to a constructor because their contracts were not legally registered. Hundreds of people paid tens of thousands of euro to a real estate developer and now they are left without the money and the apartment. 

The developer disappeared and the contracts signed have no value since they were not legally registered at the notary. Take the example of one man who paid 29,000 euro for an apartment and now he cannot have the apartment nor the money back. 

The newspaper warns people that there are notaries that prefer to legalize only the signatures on a document, which attests that a person signed the contract in his face and not legalize the content of the document itself. 

However, this is not legal, as the law reads that a notary should legalize only the signature when the content of the document cannot be legalized. Which was not the case. 

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera reads about two Romanian dancers Manuel Pelmus and Florin Flueras took their "History of the Romanian Dance" to the renowned Austrian festival ImPulsTanz without annoucing the organizers. 

As a consequence, they were removed from the stage but the initiative was cheered by the most prestigious dance critique in Austria. On July 28, the Odeon Theatre in Vienna hosted the ImPlulsTanz event, the most known dance show. 

At the end of the event, Romanian dancers Manuel Pelmus and Florin Flueras went on the stage, without previously announcing their presence and asked for several minutes to present their project but they were removed immediately from the scene. 

The two Romanians declared for the newspaper that there is no place for spontaneity or rebellions. The two claim that their happening was a show off of force rapports. They underlined that unknown artists could be offered a few minutes to present their work at the end of such prestigious events. 

Gandul wrote an article a couple of weeks ago, depicting the story of little Sonia Conovaru, the girl that cannot hear her heart beat which determined a man from West Romania to donate 50,000 euro to the association that set up the first cardiology department for children in Bucharest, at the Marie Curie Hospital. 

Soon, children with heart problems could be operated at the new department if the Health ministry will approve the budget and personnel scheme. The man wished to remain anonymous and his gesture made the opening of the department possible. In Romania, there are over 1,200 newly born with heart problems. 

Sonia Conovaru is two years old and she only slept four days in her home as she spent the rest in hospitals. Her right side heart and lungs were missing at birth and she had to undertake several operations to correct the problem.  

However, after several surgical interventions in Germany and the US, Sonia is not fine but the aggressive treatment took away her hearing ability. 

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