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What the newspapers say: August 10, 2010 

de A.C.
Marţi, 10 august 2010, 9:50 English | Press Review

Half of those who commit serious accidents manage to avoid prison. one newspaper puts forward an explanation for so many accidents on the roads. In Europe, three Romanians are advanced researchers at world famous astronomical observatories in the Canary islands, Paris and Yale, one newspaper reads. Another newspaper reads how Romanians conquered Spain: the Romanian community is the biggest after many Latin Americans and North Africans left due to the crisis. Also in Europe, Romanians working in Italy want to contribute for pensions but the government says they cannot. 

Gandul reads that almost half of the Romanians committing a deadly accident manages to avoid prison time. Last year, 2.700 people died on Romanian roads and other thousands were injured. In Romania, many of those responsible for the deadly accidents avoid the law after judges decide to give them sentences with an option of being suspended. 

The recent accident in the press was the case of a Romanian driver in a competition who was almost in alcoholic coma who seriously injured four people. 

Romania libera reads that story of three Romanians who make advanced research at astronomical observatories. Romanian Ovidiu Vaduvescu confesses that he left for Canada back in 2000 because he could not support himself financially due to the bad wage he received and because Romania had two 50 year old telescopes which did not help it to move forward. 

In Canada, Vaduvescu worked in IT and decided to continue his doctoral studies in astronomy. With several post-doctoral scholarships, he visited the most important observatories in the world and now he is working at one of the biggest observatories in the world, in the La Palma Island. 

Another Romania, Mirel Birlan has been working  at the Paris observatory for 10 years which is the biggest continental astronomical center, with a budget for research of 15 million euro per year, excluding salaries. 

Birlan is an expert in asteroids and has been working there for 10 years. Currently, he is still collaborating with fellow Romanians whom he invites in Paris and show them what he does. 

Dana Casetti is observing galaxies from the Arizona desert, after a 6 year doctorate in astronomy at Yale. She has been studying the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that the Romanian community is the biggest in Spain, after Latin Americans and North Africans left due to the crisis. Even so, Romanians still claim it is better than back home. 

Many of them have families there, have houses and plan to protect them of bad weather. Some considered the idea to return home, but were deterred by the low salaries and by the lack of jobs. For one, one thing is clear: Romanians did not fear so much about the economic crisis compared to other immigrants in Spain. 

Over 793,000 Romanians were officially registered at the end of June, according to data released last week by the immigration department. Romanians represent 16.72% of the total of foreigners in Spain, while Morroccans represent 16%. 

Evenimentul zilei reads that Romanians who worked in Italy, illegally want to pay contributions to the pensions budget but the government did not allow them. Labor ministry state secretary Valentin Mocanu declared for the newspaper that the main problem is that Romanians working in Italy want to pay now for the years they did not which is not possible as the ministry could not find a technical possibility nor an equitable one. 

Thus, officials declared that Romanians working abroad can contribute to the pensions system in Romania as soon as they decide to do it, but they cannot give money for the years they did not. The first request of this sort was made back in 2004 and the government still did not find a solution. 

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