The mysteries of anti-crisis donations from politicians are discussed at length by one newspaper on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, even if local authorities need to cut their personnel, find out how relatives and those who were hired on acquaintances keep their jobs. Last but not least, Sibiu's prefect holds majority in a company that subcontracted contruction works from the city hall.

Gandul wonders why directors from the territory donate money to the state budget and finds out that it was suggested by the local party. After he was the first to donate his salary in June, President Basescu's name does not appear in the list for July.

On the list, only some persons agreed to reveal their identity among which Economy minister Videanu and several other state secretaries or directors from the ministry he runs. In total, 27 people aided the state budget.

Chief of the National Prognosis Institute, Ion Ghizdeanu declared for the newspaper that everybody needs to understand that the state's budget needs help. He donated 2,100 lei for June and the same sum for July as well.

Health ministry state secretary Irimie Anton Cristian appears on the list and said that for him, it seems normal. Overall, 27 Romanians donated between 10 lei and 22,064 lei in the account. The total sum amounted to 175,200 euro.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera reads that even though local authorities have to restructure positions and lay off people, their relatives and those hired on acquaintances will keep their jobs.

By mid August, local authorities need to present the new structure of their employees based on the latest ordinances. According to them, villages up to 3000 people need to have only 33 employees while villages/cities up to 50,000 people at most, 190 employees and cities with more than 400,000 people, need to have 800 employees.

The Bucharest city hall cannot exceed 4,400 employees and district city halls cannot exceed 950. The newspaper reads that for example in Iasi, Lucian Simirad, the son of the County Council President will not lose his position as counselor of the IT department of the institution lead by his father.

The same is true for the Tiron family: the husband works for the citizens' information center while his wife works at the Finance Department. The same is true in city halls and county councils across Romania and the newspaper goes on to offer examples from the biggest cities.

PM Boc declared that by the end of the year, 73,075 employees will be laid off from the budgetary sector. However, 88,067 positions will disappear because about 14,000 are not occupied at the moment.

Of these, 15,000 will leave by September 1 from the education sector. Interior ministry declared that by mid august about 53,432 people need to leave from institutions like the city hall and the county council.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Sibiu's prefect, Constantin Trihenea who contracted, through his construction company, Conelt several works in Sibiu. More specifically, the newspaper reads that the company contracted works for the belt in Sibiu which would have had to be finished four years ago.

A part of the funds over 100 million euro allocated to the project will reach Conelt's accounts. When contacted by the newspaper, Trihenea declared that every other six months, either the press or anonymous persons denounce the company. However, he does not see a problem.

Conelt was chosen because it offered the lowest price and we are satisfied with the works so far, the project manager Edwald Brandner declared for the newspaper.