Romanians live worse than Bulgarians, one newspaper concludes on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, some Romanian banks demand very high taxes to block stollen cards or issue new ones. Last but not least, a Hungarian extremist, European Parliamentarian, opened at Targu Mures, central Romania his own office.

Gandul reads on Thursday that Romanians live worse than their neighbours, the Bulgarians. The latest data collected after the crisis started reveal that Bulgarians are better off than us. According to the data, a Romanian earns, an average net salary of 373.24 euro, with 56 euro less than a Bulgarian.

Plus, many goods have higher prices than in Bulgaria. Thus, for a trendy restaurant in Bucharest, a Romanian pays on average 5.43 euro. The same would cost in Sofia 4.7 euro, in Kiev 3.81 euro or 5 euro in Belgrade.

If Romanians would pay their whole salary on drinks, with an average salary, it can get 287 beers in a month compared to 429 beers a Bulgarian can purchase or 581 beers an English man could buy. A Romanian earns less than 56 euro than his Bulgarian counterpart. With a lower wage, a Romanian needs to pay more than Bulgarians do.

Romania libera reads about the decision of the European Parliamentarian Szegedi Csanad, a member of the Jobbik political party from Hungary. Recently, Csanad decided to open his own office in Targu Mures, Romania. In an interview for the newspaper, Csanad explains that he also set up Jobbik's Circle of Friends in Romania.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that some Romanian banks have very high taxes to block credit or debit cards and to replace them. The newspaper reads about the case of a citizen who was compelled to pay a 50 euro tax to block one of his stollen credit cards and another 160 lei to replace it with a new one.

Banks consider that it is the client's fault and thus the client needs to pay for the bank's effort. For example, at UniCredit Tiriac, the bank can block temporarily the card without any cost. However, to permanently block it it costs 10 euro and if the card is international, it costs 50 euro. An urgent replacement costs 150 euro.

Csanad said that the target of the Jobbik's Circle of Friends is to function as an instrument to obtain autonomy of Hungarians in Transilvania. Moreover, Csanad, through Jobbik, plans to pressure Hungarian Democrats in Romania to resolve the problems of the Hungarian ethnic minority in Romania.

Csanad declared that in his opinion, the Hungarian Democrats do not represent the interest of the Hungarians. He said that he wishes that Tg. Mures becomes a pillar of the Hungarian democratic politics.