One newspaper reads on Thursday how the economic growth of the country was wasted on casinos and luxury. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's tragedy at the Giulesti Maternity is not, afterall, unique in the world, one paper reads. Last but not least, the fifth baby affected by the explosion, passed away.

Romania libera pushes forward a bold argument, revealing that Romania's economic growth was wasted on luxury and casinos. The newspaper, specifically, refers to the economic boom back in 2007-2008 where many people took advantage of the real estate fever and made as much as 100,000 EUR/ month.

The newspaper reads that hundreds of unemployed, people without education from villages nearby Bucharest made wealth by convincing locals to sell and others to buy. The paper takes the example of Lilak, a man who made a fortune by this job in 2007-2008. He confesses that, in a way, the crisis made him realize that he used to spend without looking on what or how much.

He declared that he used to have each day at least 100,000 EUR in cash in his home, because almost always there would be an opportunity to buy a land. He wasted about 500,000 euro on casinos and singers of the popular manele. Now, Lilak has no money left but has plenty of terrains which he cannot sell as the market fell. The newspaper also reads about Stefanesti, a village nearby Bucharest where people made of fortune by selling their terrains.

The number of real estate transactions dropped by half in 2009-2010 compared to 2007-2008.

Gandul quotes Health minister Attila Cseke who declared that the tragedy at the Giulesti maternity is not singular in the world. The only country which signaled such an unfortunate event was India.

However, of the 1.18 billion inhabitants 42% are poor and very poor, living off with less than 1.25 USD dollars/day. India has a doctor for every 10,000 people while Romania has a doctor at every 550 Romanians.

On January 31, 2009, five newly born were suffocated due to smoke. However, the Romanian Health minister urged journalists to seek on Google to measure the gravity of the accident and even though he was prompted by journalists, he refused to offer them clear examples.

Just like the case in Bucharest, in India, the fire broke from a faulty technical installation. The babies were not monitored at the time, as it was supposed to, just like in Bucharest, and the babies were found dead when they were reached.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that a fifth baby passed away, affected by the explosion at the Giulesti Maternity. After the explosion at the intensive care unit, three newly born died shortly after while another eighth reached Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital.

The fourth baby died in the night after the tragedy and last night, the baby who was in the worst condition died. The other babies are stable, but doctors are reserved.