The President's supporters were directly hit by PM Boc's decision to tax copyright contracts, one newspaper reads on Friday. In the same vein, a renowned lawyer declares in an interview that the fiscal code cannot be implemented and people should sue the state. Last but not least, an investor plans to invest hundreds of millions of euro in a new seaside resort at the Black Sea.

Gandul reads on Friday that President Basescu's supporters, Romania's intellectuals, were directly affected by the Prime Minister's decision to tax copyright contracts. The newspaper reads that intellectuals declared themselves humiliated by the Government.

Some of the intellectuals oriented towards politics, to join the presidential party attracted by the promises to reform the state. For the first time, a measure of the government triggers dissatisfaction among the right wing intellectuals.

Romanian Cultural Institute President, Horia Roman Patapievici declared that the government mocks the people, if there are such long queues to the administration offices. Renowned writer Mircea Cartarescu declared for the newspaper that he will never declare his revenues nor queue for that matter.

He qualified the events as humiliating. He said that here is a general lack of coherence in the current government. Democrat Liberal deputy Sever Voinescu, former journalist and writer declared that he decided to end his copyright contract as he is not willing to be humiliated by the government.

Voinescu declared that Labor minister Seitan has no understanding of the reality in Romania. Romanian European Parliamentary, Cristian Preda, author of several political science books declared that Seitan should be compelled to queue himself.

Romania libera quotes renowned lawyer Gheorghe Piperea explaining why the modifications to the Fiscal code breach the constitution and one of the fundamental European rights. Piperea declares that the latest government ordinance regarding copyright contracts contradicts the law.

Piperea recommends readers to sue the state, to gather together with other people in the same situation and mandate a lawyer to represent them. The lawyer considers that the law can be attacked at the European Court for Human Rights, because the law should be simple and understandable by anyone to be implemented with trust.

The European court sanctioned Romania more than once for the lack of clear, simple legislation. In Europe, citizens are required to submit one declaration with all their revenues, based on which the tax is set and all their necessary contributions.

Overall, the expert qualified the ordinance unclear and ambiguous and said that the law can be interpreted in any way, and some media moguls will be compelled to make their employees pay such contributions, while others cannot.

Gandul reads that an investor plans to invest hundreds of millions of euro in a new seaside resort at the Black Sea. The local prefecture approved the plan that allows the construction of the most modern seaside resort in Romania.

The future resort, called Terra, will be built in 23 august village at the Black Sea and will be the first all inclusive resort in Romania. The resort will have two 13 level hotel, 40 holiday cottages and a mini-golf field.

According to information, the total investment would amount to 600 million euro.