Most newspapers on Thursday read that Democrat Liberals who support the President demand the resignation of the Boc Cabinet. However, most Democrat Liberals chose to trust Boc and let him come up with a black list of the ministers that need to be changed. Last but not least, Braila's county council transformed into a family business, one newspaper reads.

Most newspapers on Thursday read about the ups and downs of the Boc government who, for the time being, seemed to have escaped the complete dismissal. Gandul reads that PM Boc exposed the situation to his Parliamentary colleagues and declared that he is ready either to dissolve the government or to re-shuffle it.

His colleagues trust that Boc could change the key people within the government that would bring the change everyone seems to expect. The Democrat Liberals will thus continue talks on the issue and come up with a re-shuffle plan for the government.

However, many of the Democrat Liberals, mostly those who support President Basescu pushed for a change of the whole government. According to sources quoted by the newspaper, there were a few deputies who urged for a new cabinet.

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase, Sulfina Barbu and Sever Voinescu voted for the resignation of the government.

Romania libera reads that Braila's county council transformed into a family business as tens of works of public money were attributed by the institution to the company of the person who leads the institution itself, PSD Gheorghe Bunea Stancu.

Just as generous, local city hall attributed many of the contracts to the same company.

The company controlled by Bunea Stancu, Concivia SA benefited from both contracts with the county council ad from contracts with most city halls in the county.

In the last months only, the company received contracts worth about 6 million euro from local institutions. When prompted by journalists, Bunea declared that he is not a direct shareholder at this company. He declared that everything is a coincidence.