Despite the crisis, some companies continue to invest in Romania. Former owner of the Rompetrol oil group believes that the state will not recover the money from Petromidia and the best solution would be to sell its shares. Cluj, central Romania, will host the first museum of dinosaurs in Romania.

Despite of the crisis, some companies continue to invest in Romania, Gandul reads. After it hired 250 people, Procter and Gamble will recruit another 50 for a new factory in Urlati, Romania. Also, Dacia factory increases its team.

Over 10,000 people submitted their CVs hoping the will be hired by Procter and Gamble at Urlati, Prahova county. Which means that 33 people competed for each open position.

At the new factory, 5% of the personnel came from abroad while 40% of the employees are women and most come from the region.

Renault and Ford are also expanding: Renault will open a new technical center at Titu where 300 people will work until the end of the year and 400 will overall, by 2011.

Starting next year, Ford will double the team at Craiova, from 3500 employees to 7000.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that business man Dinu Patriciu believes that the state will not manage to recover its money from Petromidia and the best solution would be to sell its shares.

Two weeks before KazMunaiGaz needs to pay an historic debt to the state, for Rompetrol the company it took over, voices start to be heard. State's officials blocked some actives of Rompetrol to make sure that they will recover all the 571.3 million euro.

KMG representatives are ready to take it to court after they paid only 54 million euro, taking advantage of some exceptions in the law. Dinu Patriciu, the former owner of the Rompetrol group who tookover Petromidia in 2001 claims that the Romanian state has nothing to recover.

He claims that he was mislead seven years ago, when the debts the state owned him were charged to Petromidia. Patriciu sold Rompetrol to KMG and now says the current owners will win it in the court.

Romania libera reads that Cluj, central Romania, will be the first town in Romania to host a museum of dinosaurs. According to sources the museum will be under the patronage of the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj.

The museum will host several other fossils of ancient animals from dinosaurs to crocodile remains. However, the stars of the museum will be the dinosaurs found across Romania. The remains of the Bondoc dinosaur, just discovered at Sebes, central Romania will also be exposed in the museum.

The discovery triggered the interest of famous and important museums like the Natural History Museum in New York that proposed an exchange.