All newspapers on Thursday read about President Basescu's declarations about PSD leader Victor Ponta. Elsewhere in the news, many collaborators of the Communist Securitate structures are today revolutionaries enjoy the rights coming from this statute. What U2 expects, to perform in Bucharest.

All newspapers read about President Basescu's declarations about PSD leader Victor Ponta, in an attack without precedent coming from the President towards a political leader. President Basescu compared Ponta with a little monkey at first and accused him that, in 2008 he came "in his knees" to the Presidential office to negotiate a support for the Bucharest city hall.

Basescu also talked about the Liberal president Crin Antonescu, who said that he was the one who added him to the Bucharest list for the Senate. Basescu took the opportunity to comment on opinion leaders like Dinescu and Cristian Tudor Popescu, about whom he said that he regrets them as they were before they became vulgar.

Basescu launched a total war against PSD president Victor Ponta, whom he called impertinent, immature. Basescu said that he initially thought that his face made him look immature, but his life experience, his experience in politics tells the same thing.

Basescu said that Ponta would be capable of "liking the carpet" just to get what he wants. In return, PSD leader declared on Wednesday night that he will not give the satisfaction to answer the accusations brought by Basescu.

Basescu attemps to drag me and the other politicians in this mud which he built, Ponta said.

Elsewhere in the news, several Romanians from Galati, South East Romania were found to have been collaborators of the Communist Securitate structures and today, they are also revolutionaries, enjoying the rights that converge of this statute.

Romania libera reads that they even occupy important functions in the public sector and are paid very well. The agency in charge with the archives of the former Securitate structures discovered last year that among the 563 former collaborators, over 100 are declared today, revolutionaries.

The archives revealed the case of six people from Galati, South East Romania who had, until recently well paid positions of leadership in important public institutions.

Vlad Vasiliu and Florin Melinte, are directors of the main theaters in Galati, Eugen Stoleru is a counselor of the mayor and Ion Garofa leads the pension house in Tecuci. Gelu Ciorici is today director of a well known daily newspaper in Galati.

When prompted to comment on the situation, those involved did not wish to comment or deny that they were ever collaborators while others claim that the country has more important business than knowing who collaborated with the Securitate and who did not.

Gandul reads that Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu promised that Bucharest will host a historical concert. The declarations give hope to thousands of U2 fans who expect them in Romania.

Important names like Lady Gaga, Robin Williams or U2 avoided Romania because Romania does not have the space to cater for the needs of some world class musicians. Romania does not even have the acoustics or available places that such music idols need.

There are rumors about a U2 concert in Romania which depends on the state of works at the Lia Manoliu stadium in Bucharest. 2010 was a year full of concerts, some profitable and some not according to organizers.

Fans could hear Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Metallica, Rammstein, Elton John, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Cranberries and Guns N'Roses.