President Basescu's mother passed away yesterday, but protests continue today in front of Cotroceni, the presidential HQ however union leaders declared that protests will not address the President. The cause of the Giulesti maternity ward tragedy was established: a plug caused the fire. American analysts believe that the IMF might freeze the agreement with Romania due to the political instability.

Thousands of people from the education system are expected today to protest in front of Cotroceni, the presidential HQ. However, because the President's mother passed away yesterday, union leaders declared that the protesters will not voice out aggressive slogans against the President.

Unions declared that there is no connection whatsoever between the death of the President's mother and their protest but said that slogans will be moderate. The crowds will address to the government alone, according to union leaders.

Opposition leaders forgot any divergences and all expressed their regrets regarding the President's loss.

Evenmentul Zilei reads that the cause of the tragedy at the Giulesti maternity ward was a plug that went on fire. Specialists declared that the plug was overcharged and went on fire which is why the fire expanded so fast.

The company that installed the AC in the ward is therefore not responsible for the fire, specialists declared. Any plug can overheat when the electric equipment is plugged for too long. The problem was that there was no one in the ward to see what was happening and take immediate measures.

Investigators are currently waiting the last report from the labour inspection that will help them decide who was guilty of what in this case. Nurse Florentina Carstea, who was on call that day and was supposed to monitor the babies was arrested and will remain under arrest, investigators claim.

Romania libera quotes American analysts who believe that the IMF might freeze the agreement with Romania due to the political instability. Bank of America - Merrill Lynch warn that the IMF might freeze the last installment due this year.

The government in Bucharest lost its parliamentarian support and the population's trust, analysts claim. Therefore, due to the instability on the political arena, the IMF and EU money might be stalled.