Romanian experts do not seem too worried about the possible consequences the Hungarian ecological disaster might have in Romania, they are more concerned with the chances of a similar incident in our country. Nonetheless, one newspaper talks about the dangers our country can face. The French running Dacia factory in Romania told one newspaper that Romanians should be more proud of themselves.

Evenimentul Zilei quotes Romanian state secretary Marin Anton saying that Romania's industrial remains are old and unsafe and can cause a catastrophe any time. Romanian specialists do not seem too worried about the possible effects the Hungarian ecological disaster over Romania.

They are more preoccupied of the dangers of such an event occurring in Romania due to some waste deposits which are old and unsafe. Anton declared that Romania does not have the money to take care of the old deposits but that this should be a priority in the future.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reads that local authorities know about the Hungarian incident only what televisions showed but they do not have any official data and have no idea about the real quantity of the residues spilled but they claim that Romanians should not worry.

By the time they reach the Danube, the chemical residue will be diluted, expert Silvian Ionescu told the newspaper. These deposits need to be monitored 24 h and the slightest problem should be reported and fixed, he said.

In the same vein, Romania libera reads that Romanian authorities admitted that the toxic substance entered the Danube nearby Budapest on Tuesday night. According to Romanian authorities, the Danube registered a slight increase in pH from 9.1 to 9.5 while normal values are somewhere between 6 and 8.5.

Hungarian authorities spilled 1,500 tons of neutralizing substances in the Marcal river which communicates with the Raba river, which spills into the Danube. This diminished the chemical residue considerably but it did not annihilate it.

The newspaper quotes several experts who claim that the effects on the environment will be felt, for sure in the underwater fauna or even fish. This might even affect the health of the people consuming fish.

Elsewhere in the news, the French man running Dacia factory in Romania urged Romanians to be more proud of them, leave inferiority feelings aside. In an interview for Gandul, Jerome Olive had some time to evaluate the Romanians he met since he took over the leadership of the factory at the beginning of the year.

Dacia, as a car, satisfies the Germans and they are not easily satisfied, Olive declared. He said that Romanians should trust themselves more. In the same time, he accuses the bad infrastructure which affects both the factory and the suppliers.