Even though EU procedures are complicated, Romanian officials do not even start them, which is why Romania has a low absorption rate of funds for insfrastrure. The lack of parking lots across big cities in Romania lead to a profitable business for those who pick up illegally parked cars. In politics today, Democrat Liberal vicepresident Valeriu Stoica appeals to a new alliance of the Democrat Liberals with the Liberals and warns Liberals that the Social Democrats aim to destroy the ring wing alliances.

Romania libera reads that Romanian officials do not even bother to start the complicated EU procedures to get EU funds for infrastructure. Romania managed to get only 30 million euro of a total of 4.57 billion offered by the EU for infrastructure works.

Meanwhile, former Transports minister Radu Berceanu accuses the former Liberal government for a bad management. Former Transports minister Ludovic Orban, between March 2007 - December 2008 accuses the lack of personnel, experience and training necessary to access funds.

Former Transports state secretary Barna Tanczos between 2007 - 2009 accuses the low administrative capacities of the institutions to set up projects that would be approved by the EU.

Gandul reads that lack of parking lots set up some of the most profitable businesses across big cities in Romania, that of picking up illegally parked cars. In some cities, the high tariffs practices by such companies increased.

In Timisoara, West Romania, one car out of 15 get a parking lot, there are 180,000 cars registered and only 12,000 parking lots. In Bucharest, the business expanded in five districts and statistics show that there are 1,300,000 cars and 250,000 parking lots.

In Iasi, North Romania, a car parks and four cannot find a parking lot. In Brasov, the situation is wonderful when tourists do not burge in: there are 2 cars for one parking lot.

In an interview for Evenimentul Zilei, Democrat Liberal vicepresident Valeriu Stoica talks about the state of politics nowadays. Stoica reminds Liberals that Basescu will be President in 2012 as well and it would be important for them to communicate with the President.

Former Liberal leader himself, he criticizes the executive, saying that it lagged in implementing austerity measures. He is sure that the Boc government will only regain credibility if it manages to perform.

A new leadership is called for in the party, as the congress is imminent and the party needs to relaunch itself. Valeriu Stoica did not dismiss the idea that the party might elect a new President for the party as well.

The party needs an institutional reconstruction of the party which, according to Stoica entails three things: a leadership that would combine internal and extern credibility, that would convince the electorate that there is a real transformation in the party. Second, new or old people who have credibility to the public and third a governance in the interest of the people and efficient above all.

Also, Stoica calls for an alliance with the Liberals for the upcoming elections to beat the Social Democrats. He urged the Liberals to realize that the Social Democrats are ready to compromise until they get the government afterwhich they will throw the Liberals out.