At least 5% of the Romanian millionaires are state employed out of passion for the country, claiming they are not tempted for the money. Development minister Elena Udrea found the recipe for the happiness of Democrat Liberal mayors: 10,000 km of roads with payment in 2013 for the news government. Also about roads, British Ambassador Martin Harris, in his first visit outside Bucharest declared that English investors would like to aid to the development of infrastructure in Transilvania.

At least 5% of the Romanian millionaires are state employed: some are state secretaries, Parliamentarians, county counselors or local counselors. Gandul reads that irrespective of their position or wealth, they all claim that they can handle both their business and the job at the state or that they left their businesses on other hands.

And they all claim that they entered the public system in an attempt to become the anticorruption solution - if they already have money, they are not tempted to take up bribes. The newspaper conducted a series of interviews with the millionaires who prefer to work for the state.

Most of them claim that if richer businessman would enter politics, corruption will be diminished for sure.

Development minister Elena Udrea started her internal campaign, according to Evenimentul Zilei, with a perfect recipe that would aid mayors across Romania boost their capital before the 2012 elections: the plan is to build 10,000 km of county roads during 2011-2012 on the expense of whoever will govern in 2013.

More precisely, Elena Udrea promised deputies that the government will take responsibility for a national development program that would target roads, water, canals and rural development projects that were meant for the 322 European measure but were not approved.

The program entails to hire financing through credits, which does not pressure the budgets on 2011 and 2012 when the Democrat Liberals will still govern. Thus, constructors will have to start works on their own expense and they will receive their money in 2013.

Romania libera reads that British Ambassador to Bucharest, Martin Harris declared, in a meeting with the Prefect of Cluj Florin Stamatian that English investors might be interested to aid to the construction of infrastructure, development of airports in the region. However, his Excellency did not name any investors.

English experts might help Romania implement the new legislation related to public - private partnerships. After the meeting, HE Martin Harris declared that Cluj, in central Romania is a very important county for Great Britain.