Former Interior minister Vasile Blaga declared in an interview on Tuesday that he will run for President of the Democrat Liberal Party if tension will escalate in the party. European Court of Human Rights took a pilot decision affecting all laws regarding property in Romania in two cases regarding the return of confiscated houses during Communism. Elsewhere in the news, authorities found a pregnant 12 year old Romanian among a human trafficking network.

In politics today, ex-Interior minister Vasile Blaga talked in an interview for Gandul about his plans to run for President of the Democrat Liberal Party if tension escalates in the party. Blaga said that if some of the colleagues will attempt to shift the party towards a certain direction, he will definetly run.

However, he underlined that the announcement is not a threat and that it will all depend on how things will evolve in the party. The declaration follows as three of oldest and most influent people in the party stepped back, namely ex-Economy minister Videanu and ex Transports minister Berceanu.

As they left the government, Elena Udrea launched towards the top of the party's leadership and others in her influence group came forward.

The European Court of Human Rights took a pilot decision in two cases involving Romanian citizens, regarding the return of houses confiscated during Communism. Three Romanians won the trial against the Romanian state for breaching article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights, meaning that the state did not implement a court order which was final.

In other words, the Court offers Romania 18 months to remedy all legislative, administrative and budgetary problems signaled. Pilot decision are general court rules which suspend all similar cases at the Court until the Romanian state will take the needed measures to remedy them.

Romania libera reads that authorities found a 12 year old pregnant Romanian among the 28 children saved by the police in London, in an operation to annihilate human trafficking networks.

The girl is in her first months of pregnancy and it seems that she did not live with her parents. Authorities are trying to establish whether the girl was ever at school and if the parents are in London or not.

There were 103 children found in 16 addresses in East London. Of these 28 are Romanian who were compelled to beg and steal.