Newspapers on Thursday seek to explain why the motion failed, what are the next steps considered by the opposition and how did the government survive. Even though supported by large union protests, the opposition receives fewer votes than four months ago. The government will assume responsibility on the law on education and the opposition considers submitting a new motion.

Romania libera attempts an explanation as to why the motion against the government, initiated by the two opposition parties failed yesterday by 17 votes. A day before, opposition leader Victor Ponta declared that they need three more votes to see the motion passed. However, the newspaper reads that the discipline in the governing party won, once more, to an imperfect opposition.

There was no parliamentarian from the governing coalition who dared to vote for the motion. A day before, informal party leaders Adrian Videanu and Vasile Blaga convinced the so called traitors that they are better off in PDL, sources declare for the newspaper.

Moreover, the opposition was not well organized either: they failed to agree over a governing plan and name a PM that could be an alternative to the government.

The Social Democrats did everything they can to transform the unions protests into a political manifestation. PSD president Ponta reached the Parliament in front of the protest. Overall, there were 40,000 people marching in Bucharest voicing out dissatisfaction with the government.

Ponta self proclaimed speaker of the manifestation. Union leaders were dissatisfied with his move, declaring for the press that the protest was organized by unions not by the Social Democrats.

Union leader Bogdan Hossu said that Ponta joined the crowds with a banner reading "The crisis is you, Romania is us" but that the banner was soon replaced with a banner from the unions.

Today, the government plans to assume responsibility for the law on education, Gandul reads. Shortly after the motion fell, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu declared that he is disappointed by those who promised to vote the motion and changed their minds.

Practically, if the government assumes responsibility, the opposition can initiate a new motion. Liberals announced they are considering this option while the Social Democrats are undecided.