Romania's General Prosecutor, Codruta Covesi talks about the Superior Council of Magistracy and reforms she will push ahead. Elsewhere in the news, political analyst talks about the Democrat Liberal party, its strategies and its future. Lastly, one newspaper interviews Nobel prize winner for Economy, Kenneth Arrow who turns out has Romanian origins.

Gandul reads on Monday, in an interview with Romania's General Prosecutor Codruta Kovesi about the justice system in Romania. The interview deals extensively with the transcripts released in the case involving media mogul and influent businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, where conversations that did not pertain to the accusations were also included in the file.

A problem signaled by the prosecutor is that the transcripts should not have leaked to the press the way it did - without protecting personal data of third parties involved. In this case, there were many conversations Vantu had with people in the press, in high positions, where they revealed Vantu's influence over the materials released to the public.

Romania's General Prosecutor declared that she will push to change some things, namely to protect the names of the third parties in transcripts released to the public. In her opinion, the public lost its trust in the justice system due to an inconsistency in the way decision are oftentimes made in the justice sector.

Political analyst Dan Andronic talks, for Evenimentul Zilei about the Democrat Liberal Party, about its strategies and future. Andronic is convinced that the party will continue to play on the political scene, as the electoral level of the party remains somewhere between 15 to 20%.

In his opinion, PM Boc's image was affected by the economic crisis and image matters above all. The image problem of the party is generated by a real problem, which is the crisis and was not generated by a bad strategy.

Andronic told the newspaper that for 2012, at the next elections, the right wing parties should join forces because in such conditions the population will most likely favor the left wing party, which is the Social Democratic Party.

The attitude of the opposition is quite radical, and their policies tend to radicalize, which is a strategy to gather up the masses of the unsatisfied people.

Few people know that American Kenneth Arrow, one of the most important economic theoreticians in the world has Romanian origins, Romania libera reads. His grandparents lived in Iasi, North Romania and left for America in the 1890s. Arrow received a Nobel award in 1972 when he was 51 years old and was the youngest receiver of the award. Today the American teaches at Stanford University and talks, in an interview for the Romanian daily about Romania's chances to overcome the challenges.

Arrow declared that a stimulation of the economy is what the world needs. An economy hit by unemployment is a loss. Unemployment affects the economy directly - if people have money, they consume If their revenues are cut and they do not have access to credits because they do not have goods to guarantee with, people do not consume.

When prompted about Romania, Arrow declared that small and open economies have even more problems to formulate independent economic policies - they do not have a choice than to rely on the stimulus injected by bigger states.