Four new judges, considered reformed oriented entered the Superior Council of Magistracy, which creates the perspectives of a reform in the justice system, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, President Basescu had an important role in negotiations with the IMF, find out what he negotiated. Last but not least, one newspaper reads that two elite Romanian pilots were killed by a wrecked MIG.

Four new judges, reform oriented, managed to enter the Superior Council of Magistracy, which create perspectives of reform within the justice system, Romania libera reads on Tuesday. However, old prosecutors conserved their power.

The newspaper reads that the four judges are Adrian Toni Neacsu, Alexandru Serban, Horatiu Dumbrava and Cristi Danilet. The Superior Council of Magistracy was often criticized for the support given to magistrates suspected of corruption and for nepotism.

However, the new members, even though they are reform oriented, still do not have a majority in the council. There would be some chances to overthrow this if the Senate would invalidate the two old members who won a new mandated, Barbulescu and Lupascu, on grounds that the law interdicts two consecutive mandates.

The decisions of the council have a strategic role in reforming the justice system in Romania. There are 19 members - nine are judges, 5 are prosecutors and 2 come from the civil society and are chosen by the Senate and the last three are by default members - the President of the Higher Court, Romania's general prosecutor and Justice minister.

According to the Prime Minister, the President had a very important role in negotiating with the IMF, Gandul reads on Tuesday. In an interview for a public radio broadcast, PM Boc said that the President had a clear contribution in sustaining investments for 2011.

However, the chief of the executive failed to mention the important things that are to happen in the investment sector next year. Governmental sources declared for the newspaper that Basescu convinced the IMF to allow an increase of the budgetary deficit next year, on the condition that the money should be transferred to investments.

The plan presented by Romanian authorities sees that, in the first part of next year, all resources allocated be used for investments. The President agreed with the IMF that, if things go well in the investment sector, the deficit to increase in the second part of 2011, only for investments, quoted sources declared.

The sums available will be used for European projects that need Romanian co financing that could not be started because the government does not have the money. On the list of priorities is also Tourism and Development minister Udrea's project to build 10,000 county roads.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the two elite pilots who died nearby the military unit at Campia Turzii. central Romania. The newspaper reads that the pilots were killed by the wracked MIG Lancer, since it crashed without clear reason.

The two Romanian pilots, Laurentiu Chirita and Sorin Avram had over 1,000 hours of flight and attended many exercises and missions internationally. Investigators did not set the causes of the tragedy yet, but sources within the army blame that the MIGs were a wreck, technically outdated.

Witnesses heard by a military DA declared that the engine of the plane stopped suddenly and the plane just crashed. The pilots did not even have time to exit or to announce it at the air controllers.

In the last 20 years, 19 MIG 21 Lancer planes crashed due to technical problems and 11 pilots lost their lives, military sources declared.