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What the newspapers say: November 5, 2010 

de A.C.
Vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010, 9:27 English | Press Review

Romanian poet Adrian Paunescu passed away on Friday morning. In politics, find out what keeps Marko Bela from leaving the government. Elsewhere in the news, the Dutch Royal Marine builds ships in Romania at Galati. The mother of the 10 year old girl who gave birth recently in Spain claims the situation is normal in Romania. 

Romanian poet Adrian Paunescu passed away on Friday morning at the Emergency Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest where he was hospitalized on October 26 causing cardiac and renal problems. 

Paunescu sold over 1 million books throughout his life. 

Romania libera reads about the reasons Hungarian Democrat leader for not leaving the government just yet, despite dissatisfactions announced regarding the law on education. The governmental coalition reached a compromise after two interventions from the President and a threat with the resignation of PM Boc. 

The President assured the Hungarian Democrats that the law on education will pass in the Parliament.
 However, there are no guarantees that the amendments submitted by the Hungarian Democrats will be included in the final form of the normative act. 

However, for the time being the President's intervention seemed to have calmed down the spirits. A decision will be taken on Saturday at Targu Mures, however. Governmental sources declared that the Prime Minister wanted to resign on Wednesday night. However he reconsidered after a short talk with the President.

Romania libera reads that the naval industry still survives and the Dutch Royal Marine builds ships in Galati, East Romania. Yesterday, the Frisland ship was launched to water for the Dutch Royal Marine in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador to Bucharest. 

According to the project coordinator, Marian Patrascoiu two other ships were built at Damen in Netherlands. In 2011 Patrascoiu declared that next year another ship is scheduled to be built which will be the most complex ship ever built. 

Evenimentul Zilei quotes the mother of the 10 year old girl who gave birth recently in Spain saying that the situation is normal in Romania. The mother declared that girl was living with her fiancée and that their relation is consensual. 

Several days ago, Spanish publication El Diario de Jerez wrote that the Romanian girl gave birth to the baby naturally and was delighted to see her baby. The girl told nurses that she was living with her fiancée before they left Romania. 

Spanish daily El Pais wrote recently that the number of teenagers younger than 15 years old who give birth increased in Spain.

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