​One of three managers believes next year Romania will be out of the crisis, the second that it will not and the third does not dare to estimate so who or what will pull the country away from the crisis? China plans to invest in Romania but authorities still stall an answer. The biggest salary in Romania in 2009 was 160,000 euro by a banker in Bucharest.

Out of three managers, one believes Romania will exit the crisis next year, the second contradicts the first and the third does not dare to make estimates. A survey conducted by the consultancy company A.T. Kearney concludes that the Romanian manager is pessimistic, ready to cut costs by cutting salaries.

Just 3% of those interviewed expect the crisis to end this year. Most managers, about 90% of those interviewed believe that other industries were less hit by the crisis than the sector they activate in.

A.T. Kearney Romania director Michael Weiss declared that most managers believe that they cannot do anything to help the country exit the crisis. 97% of those questioned believe that the state has an important role in ending the crisis.

Weiss said most managers preferred to freeze salaries, cease hiring and halt investments. In his opinion, managers should have made structural modifications in the way they conduct their businesses.

China plans to invest but Romania thinks about it, Evenimentul Zilei reads. While the rest of the world struggle to have good relations with Beijing, Romania does not manage to take advantage of the relations established during the Communist times with China.

Bureaucracy and lack of interest manifested by authorities seem to destroy any initiative Chinese investors might have in Romania. For businessmen it is complicated to understand why it is easier to get a Schengen visa than a visa for Romania, former Commerce minister Ovidiu Silaghi declared.

There are many in key positions now in China who pursued their studies in Romania. They planned to invest a lot in infrastructure, but Romania lost this opportunity, Silaghi said.

Gandul reads that except for the capital city, only seven employees in Romania declared an annual salary higher than 1 million lei. The biggest salary cashed in 2009 in Romania amounted to 160,000 euro/month by a banker in Bucharest.

The top 10 biggest salaries cashed last year, of which the smallest is 66,000 euro is dominated by bankers that occupy seven of the ten positions in the top. All those in top ten are from Bucharest.

Except for Bucharest, other well paid people are in Prahova, Constanta South East Romania. However, the biggest six annual salaries declared across Romania amount to the salary of the banker in Bucharest.