Syrian businessman Omar Hayssam, accused of terrorism acts and sentenced to 20 years of prison in Romania is one step closer to being repatriated from Syria now that Romania and Syria signed a treaty on this matter. PSD deputy President Robert Negoita is accused of having sex with a minor prostitute. Three gypsy camps were evacuated and demolished in Milan.

Romania libera reads in its Thursday edition that Omar Hayssam, a Syrian businessman conduction business in Romania who was sentenced to 20 years of prison is one step closer to being repatriated based on a treaty signed Wednesday by President Basescu and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al Assad.

The treaty was necessary because the Syrian legislation did not allow the repatriation urged by the Romanian party but also the transfer of a Syrian in the country he committed the crimes, judicial sources declared.

Therefore, Romanian authorities sent a new request to Syria to transfer the fugitive to Romania. Currently, judicial sources declared, Hayssam is in a prison in Damascus. His transfer is very important, the paper reads because he might bring clarifications in the penal files against his illegal businesses in Romania.

In the 2008 electoral campaign the opposition accused PDL and President Basescu of allowing Hayssam to flee. Hayssam was sentenced to 20 years of prison in the file involving the kidnapping of Romanian journalists. In 2010, Omar was sentenced in two penal files: he received another 19 years of prison.

Gandul reads about the accusations against PSD Deputy President Robert Negoita that he had sexual intercourse with a minor. The newspaper reads that the minor was part of a human trafficking network organized by people close to the Social Democrats who promised the girls to take them for prostitution in Austria.

The newspaper quotes several investigators' transcripts of conversations between Negoita and Tamarjan Ion Valeriu, accused of being part of the network. The transcripts reveal clearly that Negoita was in contact with a minor and that she was not 18, as the paper notes.

Romania libera reads that at least 46 Rroma of Romanian origins were evacuated from three mini camps in Milan, Italy before the improvised tents and houses were demolished.

The newspaper quotes Italian daily Il Giorno reading that deputy mayor of Milano Ricardo de Corato declared that operations to demolish illegal camps will continue. On Wednesday morning, the police descended in the Vaiano Valle area where they demolished some improvised houses.