​All newspapers on Tuesday read about NASA's discovery of what can be the youngest black hole. Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest district 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman ignored repeated appeals of France and triggered a huge scandal by authorizing the extension of a bar, right next to the French Embassy to Bucharest. In the same vein, for 20 years, a Bucharest citizen struggles to regain the wealth confiscated during Communism.

Gandul reads about NASA's discovery of what can be the youngest black hole in our galaxy. The discovery, made by the Chandra Observatory revealed that the black hole is only 30 years old and its evolution could be monitored by scientists.

Astronomers will have a unique opportunity to see how a black hole is developing, at 50 million light years of Earth. It all started from the discovery of an amateur astronomer, back in 1979 when he discovered the Supernova SN 1979C.

The black hole might help scientists understand how massive stars explode, which of them create black holesand how many such celestial objects exist in our galaxy. The black hole is a remiscence of the SN 1979C supernova and is situated in M100 galaxy, about 50 million light years of Earth.

NASA reads that according to data, Chandra, NASA's SWIFT satellite, the European Space Agency's XMM Newton and the German ROSAT observatory, revealed a bright source of Xrays that remained steady during observation from 1995-2007. This suggests that the object is a black hole being fed either by material falling into it from the supernova or a binary companion.

Romania libera reads that Bucharest district 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman approved an extension of a bar ignoring the appeals of the French Embassy that the decision touches upon their security.

The newspaper reads that there are happy cases when authorizations offered at the limits of the law for buildings that have nothing to do in the area are contested and annulled. This is the case with the authorization approved by District 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman to extend a bar next to the French Embassy to Bucharest.

First of all, the authorization ignores that the building hosting the French Embassy is a historic one and such a construction in the area is not suited. Plus, in this case, the Bucharest City Hall should have issued the authorization, not the district mayor. Second, the authorization triggers important security issues for the Embassy.

For 20 years, Romanian Henry Barlea has been struggling to regain the wealth confiscated by Communists in Bucharest and Prahova, Evenimentul Zilei reads. In 20 years, after changing ten lawyers, addressing courts in both Bucharest and Prahova, Barlea received a final decision for a property in Slanic Prahova, of about 47.8 acres. However, in reality the land received is half than what the papers read.

Barlea accuses local interests, judges who are reticent to such issues. Last year, Barlea decided to seek justice to the European Court for Human Rights. He acknowledges that people in Communism lost the concept of property and cannot understand his struggles.