After a three hour meeting, leaders of the Coalition set the salaries for the budgetary for 2011 ruling that budgetary personnel will recover 15% of the 25% lost this year. The Romanian Cultural Institute organizes a Gypsy jazz event at Paris, to mark the International Tolerance Day. Romanian boxer champion Lucian Bute to promote Romania's image abroad.

After a three hour meeting, leaders of the Coalition agreed on the salaries for budgetary personnel in 2011: the budgetary will recover 15% of the 25% they lost this year. Moreover, the government is ready to help those who earn less than 1,000 lei to get over the difficulty period.

Leader of the minorities, Pambuccian said that Romanians will have other increases, as the 15% one is just a first step to recover the 2010 salary cuts. The coalition also decided to increase the minimum salary to 690 RON even if it was agreed with the IMF at only 650 RON.

The coalition plans to present their decisions to the Parliamentarians, to ensure that they agree on the matter.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that gypsy jazz will mark the International Tolerance Day at Paris. Romanians Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Rona Hartner and Taraful de la Clejani, renowned in Romania and not only will sing together with big names in international jazz like Richard Galliano, Didier Lockwood or Tchavolo Schmitt.

Organized by Romanian singer with gypsy origins Alin Predoi, in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute at Paris, the festival starts to impose itself on the French agenda as a remarkable event.

Gandul reads that Romanian renowned boxer Lucian Bute will promote Romania as a tourist destination. Lucian Bute recently defended for the sixth time his world title at boxing, against Jesse Brinkley.