​The government to set up a fiscal police starting with January 1, 2011 to control any person with a living higher that the revenues it declares. PM Emil Boc will address the Constitutional Court on the judicial conflict of, constitutional nature, between the government and the Parliament on the law on education. Tourism minister Elena Udrea will contribute financially to organize a boxing game with Lucian Bute in Romania. Low cost company Pegasus might enter the Romanian market in January with a flight to Istanbul.

Starting January 1, 2011, any individual person with a level of welfare way over their declared revenues will be controlled by an IRS, Gandul reads. Head of a fiscal agency Sorin Blejnar said for the newspaper that he cannot say for sure how the people will be controlled.

The government promised to the IMF that, by the end of December will approve an ordinance to tax the rich and will extend the criteria to define revenues that need to be taxed.

The main targeted are individuals who show off luxury who buy cash or through bank credits expensive goods but have no revenues on paper.

The new fiscal police will start functioning in January 2011 and an IMF expert will assist to its implementation. Last year, fiscal evasion registered among individuals was of about 172 million lei, about 42 million euro representing money that would have been paid to the state for the 16% tax.

This means that overall, 233 million euro was not declared.

Elsewhere in the news, PM Boc will address the Constitutional Court on the judicial conflict, of constitutional nature between the government and the parliament on the law on education, governmental sources declared.

The executive sent an official letter to the Court on November 15 to notice the judicial conflict, of constitutional nature between the government and the parliament, generated by the refusal of the parliament to allow the motion of censure against the government to be discussed and debated.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the motion was submitted by the Opposition following the government's procedures to take responsibility for the law on education.

Development and Tourism ministry has a budget of 75 million euro to promote Romania, money that came from the EU and it announced that it will use some to financially sustain the organization of a game for Romanian boxing champion Lucian Bute in Romania, Gandul reads.

Lucian Bute recently agreed to promote the image of the country abroad after a meeting with Development and Tourism minister Elena Udrea. Bute will box in Romania next year and this was always his wish.

Udrea declared that the financial aspects of this collaboration were not discussed but that the contract reads that Bute will have to attend all events to promote Romania's brand and to promote Romania every time it has a chance. The target of this campaign are tourists from the US and North America.

Gandul reads that the low cost airline Pegasus from Turkey might enter on the Romanian market starting January for a flight to Istanbul. Also in January, the first flight operated by Qatar Airways might operate in Romania, linking Bucharest to Doha with a transfer in Budapest.