Romanians pay up to 500,000 euro monthly to receive treatment in Vienna, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian documentary Lumea vazut de Ion B. received an Emmy Award. Six Romanians were arrested at Lyon, accused of stealing.

Romania pay about 500,000 euro per month to get treatment in Vienna, Gandul reads. Ten patients arrive at the hospital daily and most pay for their own treatment. AKH hospital administrators declared for the Romanian television PROTV that the number of Romanian patients increased in the last three years to 10/day.

A day of hospitalization costs 897 euro according to EU norms and regulations. All blood work, operations and treatment are paid separately. Romanians seek private hospitals in Romania also. According to a recent survey, last year, CMU, a private hospital in Romania registered a 64% increase of its business, Euromedic registered 59%, Medlife 40%, Euroclinic 3%, Gral Medical 21.4% and Medsana 4.1%.

Romania libera reads that the Romanian documentary, Lumea vazut de Ion B. received an Emmy award. The documentary, produced by HBO Romania and directed by Alexander Nanau was awarded for the Arts Programming category at the 38th edition of the Emmy Awards.

The movie presents the story of Ion Barladeanu who became a famous international artist from a life on Bucharest streets. At more than 60years old, Barladeanu is the most recent discovery of the Romanian art.

In 2009, his art was exhibited in London, next to Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. This year, he was presented in a personal exhibit - Realpolitik at a prestigious art gallery in Paris.

The documentary received the Gopo award for the best documentary and was included in over 30 festivals.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about six Romanians who were arrested at Lyon, accused of stealing. The six operated in commercial spaces within supermarkets. Since December 2009, they organized 20 break ins and stole goods worth 3 million euro.

Authorities declared that the six entered shops through a hole in the ceiling. They are aged 25 to 40 years old.