Romania in cablegate, the secret files of the US leaked by Wikileaks: 775 secret telegrams were sent from Bucharest. Now that elections are over in Moldova, the struggle begins as parties need to ally to get majority in the Parliament. Wealthy Romanians seek Spain or France to settle for good.

Gandul reads on Monday that of the 250,000 secret messages exchanged between American diplomats, 775 come from the US Embassy to Bucharest. However, their content is not available yet.

Nonetheless, the newspaper reveals the date and the main subjects tackled in the secret telegrams from the US Embassy to Bucharest. Therefore, the Embassy sent information related to the energy sector, economic conditions, foreign policy and internal governmental affairs and arms control.

The newspaper points out those telegrams sent from Bucharest intensified in the month of the presidential elections in 2009 in Romania.

Regionally, in the Moldovan elections, PLDM, the party of PM Vlad Filat received 34.4% of the votes, PCRM, Voronin's party 26%, PDM, Marian Lupu's party 15.1%, PL lead by Ghimpu 15.6% according to an exit poll released by Publika TV&IRES, Romania libera reads.

However, the newspaper points out that in order to form a majority in the Parliament, parties will have to form alliances. The most obvious coalition seems PDLM and PL together with PDM - parties that already for an alliance for European integration.

Even if plans seem simple, experts warn that the struggle will just begin. New Media Group executive director Dumitru Ciorici declared for the newspaper that it is hard to name a clear winner.

Ciorici believes that Moldovans want a European future and most political parties want to elect a new President to get through the political crisis that has been lagging for a year now. Cioric said that it is very unlikely for the country to fall in the hands of the Communists.

Europa libera editor Radu Benea tends to agree to Ciorici in that parties all know that they have to name a President.

Elsewhere in the news, rich Romanians are more tempted to move in Spain or France for good, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Specialists have the tendency to leave the country instead of the qualified workers that left so far.

More and more people start to consider the possibility to move in countries like Spain or France and less to Italy. Sociology Professor Dumitru Sandu declared for the newspaper that Romanians from the richest areas start to leave.

On the other hand, Soros Romania immigration program coordinator Iris Alexe declared for the newspaper that she observed a tendency for a semi-permanent migration of Romanians. Romania's crisis looks worse than it does in Italy or Spain which is maybe why Romanians choose to leave.

However both specialists claim that a negative impact of Romanians' migrating to other countries is that they leave their children back home, in a system that does not have specialized services they need nor an adequate monitoring.